Should I get a hamster?

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Considering getting a hamster? Think you’re ready? Then take this test and see if you already knew it all!

  • 1
    Who do you live with?

    Adults and kids under 8
    Me and one adult
    I live alone
    Adults and teens
    Adults and kids under 13
  • 2
    How much money are you thinking about spending each month?

    More than all of the above
    Around £20
    £10 a month or less
    Around £60
    Around £40
  • 3
    Are you an active person or a couch potato?

    I am super active. I work out whenever I get a chance.
    Sometimes I take a nice bike ride through the park…
    Can I turn on the TV now?
    Really active. I like to stay in shape, but I don’t exercise every day.
    Kind of active. I don’t like to work up a sweat
  • 4
    Why do you want a hamster?

    I love animals and want to dedicate a few years of my life to looking after even the smallest of animals.
    I just want a cool status
    They’re too cute to resist
    I need someone to keep me calm, share my thoughts with, and cuddle every day.
    I get bored quite often, so I need something exciting
  • 5
    Even if you already know how long they live, how long would you like your hamster to live?

    About 1 or 2 years. Not because I know how long they live for, but this just seems like a sensible choice
    About a day. I’ll get bored after that.
    For as long, or even longer than I live.
    Yep, perfect! 10-20 years, because I want a long-living companion!
    About 5 years.
  • 6
    How often do you travel?

    A few times a year, for no longer than 3 nights.
    Long holidays each month. I love to travel.
    A few times a month for at least 2 nights.
    A few times a week for at least 1 night.
    Only for a little while each day, such as work or school.
  • 7
    You are about to go on holiday. What do you do with your pet?

    Give it tones of fresh food, fresh bedding and I’m done.
    Take it with me. I’ve found accommodation which allows pets.
    I’d take it as far as the airport then hand it to my friend, who would look after it.
    Let someone I know and trust look after it.
    Allow someone to check up on my hamster every now and again.
  • 8
    How long are you planning to devote to your hamster each day?

    Every chance I get
    Most of the time
    The time I get when I’m bored
    What hamster…?
    A few hours each day
  • 9
    How are you with fur?

    Fur is okay, as long as it doesn’t go all over me.
    Pets have to be extra fluffy, otherwise they aren’t cute enough
    Ewww! I rather something with scales or feathers.
    I deal with a little bit of fur, but not a lot.
    Um, I rather not…
  • 10
    How often are you planning to clean your hamsters cage?

    I didn’t know you had to do that?
    At least once a week
    Not often
    Whenever it gets dirty.
    At least twice a week
  • 11
    If you could pick to have any of the following pets, which would you choose:

    A dog or cat
    Hey! I’m doing the test because I really want a hamster! So my choice is hamster!
    Something like a reptile, amphibian, or fish.
    Any type of rodent
    A horse or pony
  • 12
    How much on a scale of 1-5 do you want a hamster?

    5- Why are you asking me? SO, SO, SO MUCH!
    3- I think that they’d make a nice pet. I sort of want one
    4- I really want one. I‘ll be committed, and I’ll care for it each day.
    2- I want one so that I have something to entertain me, not because I extremely want to get one
    1- Well, like I said. I only want it to be able to say that I own a pet like my friends. I only took this test to see how much I would fail!

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Sovann ( 16.91 )
Posted 105 days ago
Thanks alot! I love this quiz! You gave me a great result and i will get a hamster thanks! If i could rate it i would it affinity/affinity!