Am I straight. What would you do?

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I also wandered of my sexuality but even though I practically already knew a similar quiz helped. This may not be 100% accurate but there is a firm answer at the end.Get comfortable because this quiz is quite long.

  • 1
    Firstly a few questions about why.
    Why are you taking this quiz?
  • 2
    Do you think that you are a lesbian?
  • 3
    You have won a competition go away on holiday for a week. You are then allowed to invite one friend to come. Who do you invite?
  • 4
    On your private jet there is a crash landing and in case of any death your best friend admits that she has a crush on you.
  • 5
    Your plane lands on a deserted island in the middle of no where and in the middle of the forest your friend starts to get undressed.
  • 6
    By the next day you have built a shelter but have lost the pilot. When making the bed your friend jumps on top of you and makes sexual orgasms.
  • 7
    Let's say that you are making out ... You are now...
  • 8
    You then...
  • 9
    After a while you go looking for food and find the pilot who has also built a shelter. At this time it is dark so decide to stay there the night. The pilot keeps going on that they will never be found and need to reproduce. He leans in for a kiss and you...
  • 10
    He then goes to freshen up. Whilst he is gone you...
  • 11
    Let's say you get naked and he now comes back and starts making out with you..
  • 12
    He is now naked and you...
  • 13
    He starts to get hungry and nibbles on your boob
  • 14
    In the morning you wake up to find yourself in the hands of a naked pilot. You..
  • 15
    He starts to get dressed but you realize that he has hidden your clothes. You...
  • 16
    You are now both dressed and go in search for your friend. On the way he holds your hand.
  • 17
    When you finally find your friend. She realizes that you are holding hands. And in anger slaps him across the face and asked what you did last night.
  • 18
    The pilot then asks your friend if this reproductive idea is fine and she says no and leans in for a kiss.
  • 19
    Let's say you kiss her and he thinks that it is sexy. And leans in for a kiss whilst she is undressing you.
  • 20
    You then...
  • 21
    After a couple of weeks you are pregnant. And she has now decided to be bi-sexual. You decide that the only way to survive is to have more children. Unfortunately he has fallen in love with you and won't have sex with your best friend. You...
  • 22
    When the baby is born. And there are many children. Your friend finally admits that she is in love with you . And you...
  • 23
    That evening the pilot has gone away to search for food and water. You are getting changed and your friend puts your hand in your bra and you...
  • 24
    Let's say you take it further. You are now...
  • 25
    She asks to lick you any where. So..
  • 26
    She asks you to return a favour. So ..
  • 27
    In the end of this. You will never get found but live a long happy life with..... on the island forever
  • 28
    Would you like this to become a true state of mind?
  • 29
    Do you find your best friend attractive?
  • 30
    Have you ever had any kind of love relationship with another women?

Comments (30)


STRAIGHT (38729)
3 days ago
I got 100 percent straight although I took my best friend who's a guy.
jade (54136)
10 days ago
90% lesbian all true i dont really like boys eny girls up
GucciGirl (99559)
21 days ago
I took it agen but for real and I am 53% bi sexual and I'm no surprised because I've kissed both a girl and a boy😘👱🏼‍♀️😘👨🏼
GucciGirl (99559)
21 days ago
I tried to pick the obvious answers to make it 100% lesbian but it only was 97% but in reality I'm bi sexual 😘
Girl (17763)
27 days ago
I’m straight and I love being straight
Girl (17763)
27 days ago
I’m STRAIGHT!!!!!!!
Anymous (36677)
33 days ago

This is a lesbian test

I'm a boy and gay er

It would help if you said lesbian in the title
Kalie (83859)
41 days ago
I LOVE girls I would love to jump on one 😛🌈
Kalie (83859)
41 days ago
I am a lesbian I love to play with girls 💗
Strawberry (38256)
42 days ago
63% lesbian I'm bi but prefer girls😂
josie (86854)
47 days ago
girls are so cute smh
charlie (86854)
47 days ago
please say im not the only one who was 💗 during this smh
43% Bi-sexual but confused (31094)
58 days ago
Im a young teen and so confused sometimes im straight, bi or asexual I dont know what to do🤔🤔😏😏😏
Channing (45361)
58 days ago
So.................I’m wondering how I didn’t starve after years of having babies by a man I didn’t sleep with that also hasn’t fed me. This quiz left me with more questions than answers. I now don’t know if I’m dead, hungry, a baby machine, or if my friend has Alzheimer’s(she “finally” admitted a few times that she was in love with me but I’m guessing I played along?). This was taxing. I need my 8 minutes back. Thanks.
Naire (89242)
61 days ago
Okay, so I'm bisexual. lol I always knew I am! :D
yesyes yes yes yes yes (44147)
80 days ago
I am straight I knew it
What!!!!!!!!!!!! (60718)
89 days ago
What do u do if you want to have fun 😏😏😏😏with your best (girl) friend but u know she not a lesbian?? Or if I'm a lesbian??
confusedaf (40079)
107 days ago
It says I'm 57% straight but I'm still confused
I don't know (23091)
113 days ago
I'm 47% bi
I did not know that
Confused af still 🤷🏻‍♀️
name (03371)
116 days ago
Haha 80% lesbian! I'm a little surprised 😂