Which Charmed sister are you?

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Prue? Phoebe? Piper? Paige? Which one? Take the test and find out!

  • 1
    First off, who's your favourite sister?
  • 2
    Which spell would you most likely use?
    A spell to find love
    A spell to get answers
    A spell to raise someone from the dead
    A spell to eliminate something
  • 3
    If your boyfriend broke up with you, you would...
    Bury it deep down inside of you
    Act like nothing's wrong but you're dying inside
    Be super super pissed
    Cry forever
  • 4
    If you’re in danger you...
    Stay calm
    Freak out
    Do whatever comes to mind
    Immediately come up with a plan
  • 5
    If you could choose to be a witch you would say...
    Well I don't know...
    I don't know. I depends.
    No way! I love my normal life!
    Of course!
  • 6
    Choose a power.
    Telekinesis, orbing, healing
    Freezing and blowing things up
    Telekinesis and astral projecting
    Premonitions, levitating and empath
  • 7
    Would you say you could kick ass?
    No way!
    Hells yas!
    With a bit of training I can
    If I really need to...
  • 8
    Are you independent?
    I can be If I have too
    Sort of
    I prefer of not be independent
  • 9
    Are you easily afraid?
    I'll kick ass
    It depends
    Not really
  • 10
    Do you like...
    Nerdy type boys
    Funny and cute boys
    Outgoing and crazy boys
    Shy and quiet boys
  • 11
    Your love life is...
    I don't really date
    I'll have a boyfriend for a year, but then I get bored
    My boyfriend changes with the weather
    It's been one guy for a LONG time
  • 12
    Quick! You ruined your sisters dress! What do you do?
    Tell the truth
    Come up with an excuse
    Hide it
    Apologize over and over
  • 13
    Do you like helping others?
    I don't really mind
    It's my life!
    It gets kind of boring
    Of course...
  • 14
    Are you...
    Bitchy, don't really care?
    Reassuring, try to figure something out as quickly as possible?
    Panicky, looking for others' help?
    Calm, always know what to do?
  • 15
    Your bedroom is...
    A bed, dresser, the usual
    Nothing special
    Artsy and different colours everywhere!
    Classy with a couch and TV

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