What car should you have?

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This quiz will show you what car you should have.

  • 1
    Which of these is closest to what he listen to in the car?
    The London symphony orchestra
    The Killers
    What ever's on the radio
    Anything but hip-hop and wrapping
  • 2
    Do you get road rage?
    I don't give a dam. I'm going too fast to care
    Only once or twice
    Only when I'm late for work and when the kids aren't in the car...
    I once slammed my fist down so hard it set off the airbag:(
  • 3
    Have you ever been involved in a road accident while you were driving?
    I had a close call once, but I stopped in time thanks to my new tires, which I put on myself.
    Once or twice
    Only a few bumps and scrapes
  • 4
    When you pull in at the pumps what fuel do you use?
    I do like to keep my car well but premium is such a waste!
    Well I have got a thicker wallet than usual, I'll buy some premium
    Now how do you work this new-fangled machine?
    Always Ultimate, nothing's too good for my pride and joy
    Normal, never not normal
  • 5
    When someone overtakes you on the road do you?
    Let them past without hesitation
    You didn't even notice that they past
    Set the car into sport mode and bury your foot to the floor
    I would over take them but the roads are a bit busy
    Get angry and start beeping your horn
  • 6
    When you come up to a junction what do you do?
    Let several go and then move swiftly onward, you've got places to be!
    Pull out in a hail of smoke and tyre squeal
    Wait your turn
    Let the world pass you by and then cautiously move away
    Let one or two people through but then quickly become impatient
  • 7
    Crisis! You crash your car, do you...
    Tell everyone you know, including random waiters and shopkeepers
    Keep it quiet, it's a bit embarrassing
    Tell your whole family
    Admit it to your friends in the bar
    Tell everyone in your office
  • 8
    Where do keep your car at night?
    On a driveway, clearly visible from the street
    On the road/street
    In a locked and alarmed garage
    In the garage
    In a driveway, hidden from street view
  • 9
    If you found a scratch in your car door what would you do?
    Book it in next week
    Can't someone else go and polish it? I'll pay you...
    Who cares?
    Get it to a respray shop, quick!
    Get some polish on it
  • 10
    What is the nearest thing here to your job?
    School teacher, tutor, hairdresser, waitress
    Playboy, daredevil, fighter pilot
    Company manager, lawyer, commercial pilot
    Company rep, sales manager, IT technician
    Retired, unemployed, work at McDonalds

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