Are you hot or not?

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Find out whether people think you're hot or not!

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    Do guys give you awkward stares?

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(0_0) (52355)
39 days ago
Srsly?! I'm sorry but who takes tests like these? Ik they're supposed to be "fun" but people take this WAY to srsly. "Boys must be aaall over me bc I got 100%". "Oh lots of boys asked me out". Rly. It's just a test!! It doesn't actually mean anything. Sorry if I'm rude but geesh. U guys are all beautiful! U don't need some test to tell u otherwise
Hannah always thinking about crush %uD83D%uDE (96444)
50 days ago
Guys she did the same answer 5 times OMG
Hannah always thinking about crush %uD83D%uDE (96444)
50 days ago
Mine is your hot I have bags under my eyes and 10 spots and freckles
Sam (97800)
96 days ago
Lol not even close; )

You're hot! a lot of guys must be all over you
Friend (36528)
144 days ago
This is a quiz that is supposed to make you feel good about yourself I don't feel any more confident but I have 10 boys ask me but I don't understand I don't like how I look I wish I looked better
Arlee (51217)
154 days ago
I'm hot!! 😬😝💯
_Tia_ (43470)
159 days ago
Oml im 13 and im extrimily hot. Boys would chase me anywhere:-😂
hjdhfanb (77515)
182 days ago
I am drop dead perfect and sexy😂😁😄
shacandy (20578)
196 days ago
omg i am hot..a lot of guys must be all over me
SpringCrap (15195)
225 days ago
i'm hot!!!!!!i got 100%:{]T^T
star (86314)
249 days ago
it keeps on going back to nummber one!!!!!!!!!!!
Maisie (64880)
250 days ago
AAAAAAHHHH! I'm HOT! Please help me out I hate attracting men!
Sne (31445)
252 days ago
Am I Hot Or Not?Yes 100%
Rose (99641)
253 days ago
Your website keeps taking forever and it keeps goon back to question 1 all the time there's something for u smart people to do
emily (00505)
268 days ago
i got "you are drop dead perfect and sexy. keep it up!"
Malissa (85568)
372 days ago
I get the stare look from jocks all the time. I took this test and answered with a bunch of nerdish stuff. This quiz could be taking away peoples confidence I themselves. Every single one of you is beautiful, no matter what.
Chloe (28222)
377 days ago
"You're gorgeous. If you be a little more flirty you will get there" yay!
Bora and Dasom (91076)
384 days ago
Whoah! We're super HOT! Lots of boys drools over us. ;) Lols
nicole (42163)
410 days ago
ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they said im hot and that boys must be all over me
rachel (58383)
416 days ago
they said i am the hotest one yet YYYAAASSSSS