Which God would be your parent?

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Just find out that's it......

  • 1
    What's your favorite color?
    Pink because it's like totally fashionable!
    Yellow... or gold... silver... bronze... In that area!
    Dark colors like black and red because they rock!
    Any color as long as it's wise!
    Blue because... Because it makes me hungry!
  • 2
    What's your favorite animal?
    Any cute little innocent small tiny creature!
    Birds rock! Especially vultures!
    I like sea animals like dolphins, fish and sharks!
    Groundhogs, all those hogs and bugs are cool too.
    Any animal as long as it can fight!
  • 3
    What power would you like to have?
    Making people beautiful!
    Controlling 3/4 of the Earth!
    Building anything I want and controlling dead people!
    Weather powers! I like shocking people with lighting... *derp*
    Being the smartest person EVER!
  • 4
    What do you find yourself saying a lot?
    "I love the beach and the ocean!"
    "Wise choice!"
    "I hate that! Stop right now!"
    "Just beautiful! So lovely, dear!"
    "Thanks to me, everyone's happy!"
  • 5
    Which of these words describes you?
  • 6
    What's your favorite subject at school?
    Everything, school rocks!
    Nothing, school is for losers.
  • 7
    What would you wear to a party?
    The most beautiful dress ever! I have to look like a god! Oh wait I am a god...
    Robes or armor.... I can't decide...
    My tux
    Anything simple
    My swimsuit
  • 8
    If the world was ending what would you do?
    Go to school like nothing's gonna happen
    Go to another planet like Jupiter.
    Hide underground like the City of Ember
    Swim away!
  • 9
    What do you like eating?
    Chicken or anything related to it
    Don't care. Just not something gross...
    Seafood tastes nice
    I'm on a diet so only the food on my chart
    I only drink
  • 10
    What would you like a tattoo of?
    Something blue
    Flowers or anything like that (butterflies! EEK!)
    A snake or anything deadly
    Owls or a sword maybe...
  • 11
    On a scale from 1-10, how crazy are you?
    3- Sometimes I'm silly but usually not
    2- Just when the person I'm into is crazy
    5- I like telling jokes a lot
    1- I have no idea what crazy means
    9- I jumped off a cliff
  • 12
    What's something very important to you?
    My looks and pink stuff
    That the Earth does not pollute
    Everything that has power
    The things I build
    That everyone gets an education, even poor kids
  • 13
    How do you feel if someone asks you to be a god
    I will make a smart choice to say.... YES I WANNA BE A GOD YEAH!
    I need to calm down! This is a lot to take in...
    I'll go tell my family.
    Okay is there gonna be a ceremony or something?
    I'm already a god... DUH!
  • 14
    What sport do you play?
    Nothing they make me tired
    Kickball or something like that...
    One where I can't die
  • 15
    What do you look for in a friend?
    They gotta be dazzling and kind!
    They have to be beautiful and pretty, DUH!
    They have to be like me.
    They should be smart and risktaking
    They have to be able to stand up for themselves!
  • 16
    Where would you go in the summer?
    I'd take a road trip
    Summer school.
    The beach or a hotel resort
    Disneyland! Yay!
    Anywhere with my friends
  • 17
    What do you think of the song:
    Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing on Rainbows?
    It's really cute.
    It was so funny I nearly cried.
    I didn't laugh at all.
    Whoever made it is awesome.
  • 18
    What's your favorite kind of weather?
    Rain, it helps plants!
    Cloudy days!
    I like all kinds of weather for various reasons!
    A nice sunny day!
    Any day as long as it has a good effect on everything!
  • 19
    How do you feel after school/work?
    I want to go again tomorrow!
    I can take it, I'm all okay!
    I wanna play with my choo choo!
    I need to get some beauty sleep!
    Let's cool off man!
  • 20
    Which monster scares you the most?
    CYCLOPS AND GIANTS (not Tyson though)
  • 21
    What weapon would you use?
    Electric spears or just a shield
    I'm all 'bout peace but maybe some nature spirits or a really bad smell
  • 22
    Where do you live? What kind of house I mean...
    An apartment that's kinda small.
    A hut, I know it's weird but really, I do!
    Just a regular old house. Or maybe a castle!
    I travel the world.
  • 23
    How often do you go on the internet?
    Nearly never but sometimes I do it.
    It's hard to use so I only try it sometimes.
    I don't use it all day but about once or twice a day for half and hour.
    I just discovered it a while ago.
    I go on it all the time.
  • 24
    If I told you to be awesome what would you say?
    I think I'm awesome too!
    I already am!
    What does awesome mean?
    I'm pretty cool!
    I'll blast you to bits if you don't think I'm awesome!
  • 25
    Which god is you're fave?
    Sorry if you don't like any...
    Zeus 'cause he's got power!
    Um.. Hades or Hephaestus they rock!
    Poseidon, he's awesome!
    Athena because she is so smart!
    Aphrodite, she's so hip!

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