Do you like her? (made by a girl and for middle school)

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Well this is for middle school and boys only please. I hope this will tell you honestly, I am not a love EXPERT but I know things very useful in this kind of stuff

  • 1
    Do you feel like you've got to keep looking at them for comfort?
  • 2
    What is your status with her?
  • 3
    Do you have dreams about her?
  • 4
    What time do you spend thinking about them?
  • 5
    Do you want to do everything to help her?
  • 6
    What do you think are the chances of you asking her out on any given day?
  • 7
    How much does she stare at you?
  • 8
    If you were to hug her, how would YOU YOU YOUUUU feel?
  • 9
    Now that you know a bit better, how much do you think you like her? 0 being hate-as-much-as-if-she-killed-my-mum, and 10 being crazy mad in love!
  • 10
    Do you like sunrises or sunsets?
  • 11
    3 more questions! so, do you feel self conscious around her?
  • 12
    You, your bestie, and her are in a room, of death. You are looking them in the eyes and they're scared. Because one person in this room has to die. Who do YOU choose?
  • 13
    So, how did you like this quiz? (each one is 20 points to be equal)
  • 14
    One last thing: how often do you 2 talk?

Comments (24)


Nick name ( kk ) (66171)
14 days ago
I can not stop thinking about her I’m thinking of her right now
Boy (31169)
70 days ago
@jason dude what the heck same!!!
Jason (34661)
70 days ago
The one about the death room and my bestie and crush is funny,because its the same
hamilfan (11044)
207 days ago
Im a girl... so idk if this quiz will make sense... but I think I like a girl
Erin (43767)
217 days ago
I'm a girl and I'm pretty sure I have a crush on my bestie, this seemed like the best quiz so I took it even tho I'm female ;3
Anthony (19536)
231 days ago
This test helped a lot. Now I know that I can do it I just need to have confidence. will go tell her when i get a chance wish me luck!
jaydon garrett (12041)
232 days ago
this helped me with her now i had💗with her and a baby
edgy (92228)
247 days ago
Oops I'm a girl and took the quiz anyway, sue me
James (99373)
252 days ago
I like her how do I tell her
Kat (27192)
267 days ago
Unknown same, except I don't like him.
Not saying (95860)
336 days ago
Thank you I have a lot of girl I lick but now thanks to you I have narrowed it down thank you
Unknown (54554)
356 days ago
Oh um well I was doing it trying to see if my crush likes me... I am a girl talking bout a boy btw. But I really liked the test but the death room was a little bit extreme. Great test!
Offended guy (45931)
566 days ago
I was ok with this quiz until questions like room of death (which is about the ability to give up yourself, that might just mean you got a huge ego and not a small crush) or the sunset (like that doesnt matter, maybe to you alone, but not applyable to everyone)
gayaf (28688)
567 days ago
Shouldn't only be for boys. I'm a lesbian and took this anyway.
no one (89535)
570 days ago
Why is this only for boys?? What about lesbians and bisexuals and pansexuals and everyone that you're leaving out by saying that
Ender Slayer (74227)
574 days ago
I looooooveeeee this girl she's so hot cute and nice.
I told her I liked her and I probably ruined it but at least I let my heart speak
Pat (05347)
578 days ago
I love this girl but I don't gots da guts to ask her
P+girl (14483)
625 days ago
I love you my school girl
:') (23170)
642 days ago
"for boys only please" jfc man be open minded
Cool aid in the hood (36456)
649 days ago
U pier I 9999999999999999999999999999988898899% love this chick