Potions Essay

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10 Questions - Developed by: Prof. Severus Snape - Developed on: - 4.886 taken

Oh hell! You're late with that Potions essay! Quick, finish it off!

  • 1
    What is Amortentia?
    A potion to cure stab wounds
    The most powerful love potion in existence
    A concoction to send one into a coma
  • 2
    What potion allows one to take the appearance of another for one hour and what must you add from the person you are impersonating?
    Amortentia, to which you must add a tear
    Felix Felicis, to which you must add a drop of blood
    Polyjuice Potion, to which you must add a hair
  • 3
    What does Felix Felicis mean?
    Fair Luck
    Liquid Luck
  • 4
    How long does Felix Felicis take to brew?
    6 months
    3 hours
    9 days
  • 5
    A potion made from what can cure Petrification?
  • 6
    What must you add to Essence of Euphoria to counter the side effects?
    A sprig of mint
    A newt's tail
    A clove of garlic
    A beetle eye
  • 7
    What will cure cuts, bruises and abrasions and is specifically made for that purpose
    Murtlap Essence
  • 8
    What is Veritaserum?
    A powerful Love Potion
    A powerful Truth Potion
    A powerful poison
  • 9
    How best can you extract the juice from a Sophorous Bean?
    Slitting with a knife and letting it rain
    Slicing it into small pieces
    Crushing with the flat of a silver knife
  • 10
    Why are you late?
    Because you are a lazy child who cares nothing about their education.
    Because you are so stupid you took a wrong turn
    Because you left your brains behind in your Common Room

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