Maid-Sama Quiz

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How we'll do you know Maid-Sama?

  • 1
    Who discovers Misaki's maid job first?
    Who discovers Misaki's maid job first?
    Shintani Hintani
    Takumi Usui
    The three idiots
    President Igarashi
  • 2
    What is the name of the shop Misaki works at?
    What is the name of the shop Misaki works at?
    Coffee, Tea, & Maids
    Maid Latte
    Cafe de Maid
  • 3
    What country does Maid-Sama take place?
  • 4
    Why does Misaki hate men at first?
    She is allergic to men.
    She is a lesbian.
    They she women as weaklings.
    Because her father left her & her family with a great debt.
    Men think of women so lowly.
  • 5
    Other than Japanese what else is Usui?
    Other than Japanese what else is Usui?
    English (British)
    He is a perverted alien
  • 6
    What is the name of the school that Misaki & Usui go to?
    Ishiguro High School
    Miyabigaoka High School
    Performing arts school of Japan
    University of Tokyo
    Seika High
  • 7
    When do Misaki & Usui finally become an official couple?
    On Usui's birthday
    On Misaki's birthday
    On Christmas Day
    After they graduate
    After they kiss at the summer festival
  • 8
    Why does Usui go to Britain?
    To go to college there
    For a vacation
    To live there
    The confront his brother & cut ties
    The visit his mom
  • 9
    What is Usui's brothers name?
  • 10
    What is Aoi's secret?
    Aoi's name is not Aoi
    She is actually a boy
    Aoi is Misaki's younger sibling
    She is secretly a maid too
    She is actually a grown woman
  • 11
    What does Usui do to prevent Misaki being seen in a bikini?
    Tell her she looks fat
    He gives her a hickey
    Pushes her down the stairs
    Kisses her so she won't go
    Locks her in a closet
  • 12
    What is Misaki at school?
    A teacher
    School president
    Class secretary
    Principles daughter
  • 13
    Does Misaki have a sibling?
    Two brothers
    A brother
    A younger sister
    She's an only child
    A older sister
  • 14
    When do Usui & Misaki first kiss?
    After graduation
    In Britain
    On top of the roof at school
    At the summer festival
    At the beach
  • 15
    Who is Misaki to Shintani?
    His rival
    His cousin
    His first love
    His sister
    His best friend
  • 16
    What is Suzana's favorite thing to do?
    Working at Maid-Latte
    Do giveaway contests
    Playing Xbox
  • 17
    Where did Usui's parents meet?
    In japan on a bus
    On a plane visiting japan
    In high school
    At a grocery store
    In Britain when his father was a butler for his mother
  • 18
    Who is Tora Igarashi?
    Maid latte cook
    Miyabigaoka class president
    Misaki's first boyfriend
    Takumi Usui's half brother
    Seika high student
  • 19
    What does Usui grow up to be?
    A doctor
    A school teacher
    International movie star
    He dies in a car crash after graduation
    A politician
  • 20
    Where do Misaki & Usi get married?
    Where do Misaki & Usi get married?
    At Seika High
    On top of Seki High's roof
    In Britain at the Walker Castle
    In Maid Latte
    In Vagas

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