Science Quiz #2

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Sorry I didn't create more science quizzes. So here it is. Note: Middle School Grade Level

  • 1
    A double helix looks like:
    A twisting ladder
    A solid sphere
    A hollow tube
    A pair of cubes
  • 2
    Which of your body cells contain DNA? Choose the best answer
    Only your reproductive cells
    Only your blood cells
    Virtually all your body cells
    Only your bone cells
  • 3
    What can you infer about a DNA molecule from its name?
    That it's a lipid molecule
    That it's a carbohydrate molecule
    That it's a nucleic acid molecule
    That it contains blood
  • 4
    DNA can best be compared to:
    The different apartments and offices in a building
    The tenants that live in a building
    An architectural blueprint of a building
    The bricks that make up a building
  • 5
    Which trait is determined completely by your DNA?
    Your weight
    Your personality
    Your hair color
    Your intelligence
  • 6
    Place the following in order from largest to smallest. A) Base pair, B) Chromosome; C) DNA molecule
    B, A, C
    B, C, A
    A, C, B
    C, B, A
  • 7
    How can plants be made hardier through genetic modification?
    Genes from vaccines can be added to plant DNA
    Genes from healthy human beings can be added to plant DNA
    Genes from viruses and pathogens can be added to plant DNA
    Genes that code for disease resistance can be added to plant DNA
  • 8
    In the term "nucleic acid," what does the word "nucleic" indicate?
    That splitting DNA molecules results in nuclear reactions
    That energy from DNA can be used in nuclear power
    That DNA is located in cell nuclei
    That DNA molecules are held together by nuclear forces
  • 9
    What is best definition of a clone? Choose the best answer.
    Someone whose DNA is similar to someone else's
    A child who has no parents
    Someone whose DNA is an exact copy of someone else's
    Someone who looks exactly the same as another person
  • 10
    Which of these is a true statement about DNA?
    The structure of human DNA was not discovered until the 1950's
    RNA and DNA have nothing to do with one another
    DNA research is simple and inexpensive
    Only animals have DNA in their cell nuclei

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