Disney's Frozen

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How well do you know the movie? Test it here! (possible spoilers)

  • 1
    Arendelles gates had been closed for many years. Why are they opening them at the beginning?
    It's Elsas wedding
    It's Elsas coronation
    It's Annas birthday
    It's Annas coronation
    It's Elsas birthday
  • 2
    Why is Elsa so scared of her magical powers?
    She isn't afraid, she just wants to be normal
    She accidentally killed her parents with them
    The more often she uses them, the more her body starts to freeze itself
    She is scared to be executed for witchcraft
    She accidentally hurt Anna with them in the past and is scared it could happen again
  • 3
    What sets off the argument between Anna and Elsa, at the party?
    Anna blames Elsa for the cold weather
    Elsa blames Anna for their isolated life
    Anna wants to marry Hans, whom she just met
    There is no argument in that scene
  • 4
    There were several songs cut from the movie. Which of those isn't one of them?
    You're you
    More than just the spare
    Life's too short
    If only you were here
  • 5
    Anna tells Hans that only an act of true love can save her. Hans is about to kiss her, but stops. What does he say then?
    Oh, Anna. I don't know how to tell you this, but...I loved Elsa all along
    Oh, Anna. I wish I could help you
    Oh, Anna. Please don't leave me
    Oh Anna, let's face it. We were never meant to be
    Oh, Anna. If only there was someone out there who loved you
  • 6
    Which line does NOT appear in "Let it go"?
    The perfect girl is gone!
    You'll never see me cry!
    I will stay true to myself!
    And the fears that once controlled me can't get to me at all!
    I don't care, what they are going to say!
  • 7
    Which character is insistent that Elsa is a monster and has to be arrested/killed?
    Prince Hans of the southern Isles
    Princess Anna of Arendelle
    The Duke of Weaseltown
    The Duke of Weselton
    The Duke of the southern Isles
  • 8
    Kristoff is an orphan. Who raised him?
    The royal family of Arendelle
    The trolls
    He's not an orphan. His parents appear at the end of the movie
  • 9
    Which of those actors is NOT voicing any character in the movie?
    Idina Menzel
    Santino Fontana
    Demi Lovato
    Alan Tudyk
    Kristen Bell
  • 10
    Which act of true love saves Annas life?
    She risks her own life to stop Hans from killing Elsa
    She kisses Hans
    Elsa gives her a kiss on the forehead
    Olaf being willing to melt for her, saves her
    She kisses Kristoff
  • 11
    What happens to Hans, after Elsa thaws the kingdom?
    Elsa kills him
    Anna punches him off into the water and he is brought back to his own kingdom to be punished
    Kristoff beats him up
    His brothers suddenly show up to look for him and decide to take him back home for his punishment
    Elsa orders him to be arrested
  • 12
    Finish Elsas Lyrics:"Anna, please. You will only make it worse/ there's so much fear..."
    "You'll be save here!"
    "You're not save here!"
    "You can't stay here!"
    "I can't leave you here!"
    "Why don't you stay here?"

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