Who are you in your group of friends? (Accurate)

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    You and your friends go to the movies. What will do you do when it's done?
    Go home and make fun of that poster in my room, I guess.
    I have a sports game right after!
    I have an audition for the school play!
    Ummm.. Go home and do my homework.
    I dunno. Go home and sketch.
  • 2
    You see your friend with a cast on! What's the first thing you do/say?
    *gasp* wow, are you ok! Hey, at least it matches your.. Er.. Outfit! Here I'll cheer you up *draws something funny on cast*
    Wow! What happened! Here, I'll be the first one to sign it!
    Dude! Are you ok! Who broke your arm? *clenches fists* I'll teach them a lesson not to mess with my best friend!
    OMG! How did this HAPPEN! How dare they! I can't believe this is happening!
    Are you ok! How did this happen! When did this happen! Here I'll carry your lunch for you....
  • 3
    Favorite game?
    Game! I wish. I have a huge test tomorrow that I have to ace.
    That one where your draw something and the other team has to guess it? But I hate when they always make a big deal out of my drawings. They're just drawings!
    Kids bop!
  • 4
    You like to _____ in your free time when your friends are away.
    Hmm... I like to sing, or I might audition for the school play. Might. It's hard doing 3 plays at once!
    Probably finish my homework, and after that, read.
    Do sports
    Look at my corny joke books. It's not the same, though,
  • 5
    Dream car?
    Presenting.. The doodle car! The only car you can draw on!
    A sports car with stripes!
    Probably a VW. They're hilarious!
    A cool red convertible like in the movies!
    One with really cool safety features so my BFFS won't get hurt! Only the best for them!
  • 6
    Your friends go to the movie you've been wanting to see without you! How do you react?
    What! *sobs* I THOUGHT WE WERE BFFS!
    I'm the one usually plans these things, but if it did happen, WHAT! How could they! They know I love that movie! I'll show them...
    What? They know I love making fun of the corny parts! Is it because of that one time I was talking to much so they had to kick me out...?
    I don't bring it up to them. I don't want to make them feel guilty! I'll just stay home and draw or something..
    What? I-I'm sure they had a good reason for it.. Right?
  • 7
    What's your normal summer-day outfit? Be honest.
    Hmm.. Tank top and flowey skirt! Or chic dress.
    You know.. Those shirts with the mustaches on them. Like the "I mustache you a question" ones.
    I dress for success!
    Dirty baseball shirt and shorts.
    Tie die shirt and skinny jeans.
  • 8
    Dream library?
    Everything I can get my hands on!
    My personal drawing notebooks. And books full of painting techniques too.
    Joke books!
    I don't really like reading, but tips on sports I guess.
    How to improve your singing and romances.
  • 9
    How do you describe yourself?
    Funny, awesome and cool.
    Creative, fun and artsy.
    Good fashion sense, fun and caring.
    Athletic, outgoing and adventurous.
    Smarts, helpful and kind.
  • 10
    Last question. What did you think of this quiz?
    It was wonderful!
    Can we get on with it?
    *Smiles* Can I see my results? Then I'll awnser.
    LOLLIPOP! Mustache! Porcupine!
    I liked it.

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