Do you have a crush on him?

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For all you girls out there who aren't sure if you really like this guy.

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    What do you feel like when he looks at you or talks to you?
    I get a little nervous/excited.
    The same thing as if any other person talked to me.
    I feel happier.
    OHMYGOD he's talking to me! ahhhh!
  • 2
    Do you do things or go certain places just to see him or be with him?
    Hell, no. That's really creepy.
    I've done it maybe once or twice.
    I do it sometimes.
  • 3
    Is he attractive?
    Meh. I couldn't care less.
    He's hot.
    Yeah, he's pretty cute.
  • 4
    If your friend said something bad about him, how would you feel/ what would you say?
    A little offended, but nothing too bad.
    No one can change the way you feel about him!
  • 5
    How well do you know him?
    I know every single little thing there is to know about him.
    I have a few classes with him, I know him okay.
    I barely know him.
    I know him pretty well.
  • 6
    If someone else asked you out (besides your potential crush) what would you do?
    I would never ever go out with anyone else!
    I would definitely have to think about it.....
    I would probably go out with him.
    I'd go out with him in a heartbeat. Who cares about the other guy?
  • 7
    How would you feel if you saw him on a date with another girl?
    I would be pretty sad.
    Feel a tiny bit disappointed, but shake it off quickly.
    Good for him!
    I would run to the nearest bathroom and bawl my eyes out.
  • 8
    If one of your friends liked him, what would you do?
    Be a little hesitant to say something nice.
    Great for her! I hope they work out.
    Tell her how you feel about the guy and hope she doesn't ask him out.
    One of my friends would never like him, she knows all too well how I feel!
  • 9
    If the opportunity presented itself, would you tell him how you feel?
    Oh, he already knows how I feel.
    Definitely not.
    If he liked me back.
    What is there to tell?
  • 10
    How many people did you have in mind while taking this?
    A few, maybe 2 or 3.
    One, but once I thought about someone else.
    Basically all the boys in my grade.

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ughh ( 7.175 )
Posted 27 days ago
I have a big crush.
I'm 13, he is 14 ½.
He smokes, and drinks.
My bff #1 said that he is bad person and that I should stop thinking of him. She also knows him longer, and she said he had crush on her before. (He didn't, other friends told me.)
My other bff supports me, and makes me laugh all the time. I can only see him in summer. His father left him, and he hates him. He says that its his fathers fault that he acts rebelian. He lives an hour drive fom my place. I'm screwed.
MissMaria0314 ( 0.227 )
Posted 38 days ago
Okay so I've had my eye on this new kid at our school.
He's cuter than most of the boys in my class
He's pretty quiet
He's a lot taller than me
I love his hair
He has an accent I can't put my finger on
He's amazing at sports
He never talked to me
He always talks to this girl
He's friends with the weirdest boy
I always catch myself looking at him
Do I have a crush on him??
zinhle msimango ( 4.155 )
Posted 57 days ago
i have a problem i have a crush on this guy but i couldn't tell him that i love him now that i know he wants me to come tell him i love him i ...just cannot it is hard...
billie-bob ( 1.235 )
Posted 94 days ago
I am so sad because I always had a crush on this person but never told anyone and then my friend asked but she never told me that she liked him.
Luiclaire ( 5.102 )
Posted 99 days ago
ihave a crush on my friend but when he knows he always avoiding me.. i feel to much hurt.. but even though he always avoiding me.. i still have a crush on him..
xoxo ( 38.75 )
Posted 102 days ago
i have a huge crush
i like him a lot
i think about him 24/7
i try not to
but i cant
i think he likes me back
he tried messaging me
and he got me a gift
Cupcake5555 ( 9.232 )
Posted 109 days ago
I have a crush on this boy and were in the same grade and age but we go to different schools. we met because he lives on the same street as me and he laughs sometimes when I talk to him and he makes me feel nervous but like happy. Idk is this a crush!!!!??? Omg this is awkward ❤️ Thnx
Keira ( 4.187 )
Posted 122 days ago
I have having a fictional crush I really wish Anakin Skywalker was real.
He's the biggest crush I've ever had.
Katelyn ( 9.193 )
Posted 127 days ago
Jurist wanna say a quick thing DONT let boys get in the way of ur future and if ur friends like the same guy don't let the boy get in between ur friendship cuz guys are just guys and it doesn't matter if they like someone else there are 100000000000 and more boys out there
Katelyn ( 9.193 )
Posted 127 days ago
I like this guy in my class he's cute to be honest but he talks to another girl ALOT and I think he doesn't like me.He has a twin but his twin isent really cute.And my friend even told me she liked that guy…I felt my heart sink💔💔💔😭😭
Ilovemangos ( 4.119 )
Posted 131 days ago
I liked a guy in fifth grade and now that he somehow found out I liked him
He started to not talk to me any I feel pretty empty without that
Feeling you know. Right now I still don't know why I ever liked this guy.
now I don't even know what to do plus I will not be at his school next year.
Anonymous ( 28.31 )
Posted 132 days ago
I like someone and we talk a little about random stuff like where live and ous favourite places to eat. But the thing is he's kind of popular and he will never probably look at me the same way, is it wrong to like someone who is way out of your league 💔
Yonela ( 8.110 )
Posted 134 days ago
If u love someone it does not matter u are old or young :*:*
Sarah ( 29.18 )
Posted 146 days ago
I have this HUGE crush on a boy named Jonathan, he is great at singing,beatboxing, acting, and he is funny and hot! I told my friend I liked him, I'm at the end of 5th grade. Was it bad to tell my friend I liked him?!
ishq ( 2.103 )
Posted 167 days ago
I met him at my first day at school.I was just four year old.he was the first guy I talked without fighting. from then only I've a soft corner for him but we never talked after that day.I've feeling for him but I don't understand those
FAVOUR ( 24.54 )
Posted 174 days ago
I met d guy 3 days ago & ever since then i can't stop think of him,i told my best friend dat i have a crush on a guy
tigermanatee ( 0.237 )
Posted 178 days ago
i have a huge crush on someone 2 years older then me that i dont go to school with and only see about once a month. I told my friend and she teses me about it all the time!
funmi ( 8.232 )
Posted 218 days ago
what if i like bcos he is a genius?
Jazzlyn ( 62.75 )
Posted 250 days ago
I knew this guy for a while but only for just a classmate. Until we were assigned in the same group for a field trip. He was so nice and his humor is so amazing. He's shorter than me but I don't care I love him for his personality! Even though it was just one day I felt like there was a spark! He also talk to me for most of the last two hours I've the bus ride!
Marilie ( 89.43 )
Posted 314 days ago
I like this guy my bff likes him to and I told her yesterday. So I took this test and it said that I should ask him out but what do I do when I'm shy I thout of writing love quotes and on watch write an letter of my name he was in my class this year he sat next to me in maths.