The truth about the dormitory you belong to at Hogwarts!

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Hi! I'm the Hogwarts sorting hat! Do not fear me, for I am the hat That will discover your destiny! Don't be alarmed if you answer truthfully you'll get the real answers, on which dormitory you actually belong to! [NO STUPID QUESTIONS ON THIS QUIZ!]

  • 1
    If someone were to cheat off of you during a (Hogwarts)
    Test your reaction would be…
    I'd have to say that's very rude! I always try to do my best, work hard and what not. Obviously they couldn't careless
    Fool! Don't cheat off of me! Teacher!
    They need help! I must help them! It's the right thing to do!
    Just confront them! Telling on them is a bit out of hand.
  • 2
    You would say you mostly act…
    Brave and smart
    Powerful and clever
    Loyal and kind
    Intelligent and creative
  • 3
    You forgot your potions homework! Oh god!
    I'll simply avoid bringing it up, or say something so I can bring it in tomorrow but with a good grade
    Forget my homework? Me? Rubbish!
    I didn't do it it's only fair to do what is told and hand it in as soon as possible
    I'd fess up for sure, apologize and bring it in during my free time!
  • 4
    Someone's bothering you a lot for the past weeks
    There's being incredibly rude! What do you do?
    Try to ignore it, you don't want to be mean! But if you have to you just might!
    Tell them off! The bloody hell is there problem!
    I could easily out smart them with words, so that I will do!
    At first do what they did to me, treat people the way you want to be treated right?
  • 5
    The person who has been mean to you, puts a love potion on your crush just to get a reaction out of you!
    The what the bloody hell! I'm going to find a cure for them with a teacher, all they know it's for her/his safety! And once there back to normal, I'll show the punk off! While everyone's looking!
    I ask my friends for help! It's rubbish to mess with someone for no reason! It's also possible that you'll make them eat slugs, but most likely not
    We'll that's extremely rude! First I feel mad, then I feel bad! I'll get a cure then question the person, I wouldn't do nothing bad though
    I'll find a cure, but In the meanwhile I'll have my friends annoying the kid, by out smarting him!
  • 6
    You sense something bad, it's not here yet but it's coming your way! What do you do?
    Go to the library, maybe they'll be something in the dark magic section, I'll tell my 3-4 closets friends.
    Make a smart plan, where no mistakes could happen, gather research you don't already have tell 1-3 friends from a dormitory each… well not all of the dorms
    Keep it inside you don't want to risk something bad happening to someone close, and if in danger tell the most trusted older in your dorm (by that I mean someone who's been there longer, I have ways of putting things)
    Tell your favorite teacher, hoping it's someone you hate messing with you! Also with the teachers permission make up a slick plan b
  • 7
    You’re in trouble because …?
    I had to follow the noise, even though I wasn't supposed to
    One of my plans back fired
    I may or may not have out smarted my teacher
    I wouldn't do anything mean or to bad that's for sure
  • 8
    You can't stop talking about the new kid, they came in mid-year!
    Well there a little strange or I have trust issues, I may just research them
    I don't know who their parents are, but I know there not muggle born! If I can't figure it out there's something fishy going on!
    I don't say anything bad! I'm thinking about taking them under my wing!
    There the least of my worries, there not important I wouldn't talk about them
  • 9
    You’re hoping to not be in which dorm?
  • 10
    You can't stand…
    People who are unfaithful and mean
    Someone who attacks you for no reason
    People who think there all that and but then they can be easily outsmarted
    Annoying people who get in your way

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