Which of the pirates of the Caribbean is YOUR pirate?

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You're a huge, female POTC fan? And sometimes you dream of THAT pirate in the series? Have fun with this roleplay/love quiz!

  • 1
    You're a real lady of the Caribbean! But currently you are stranded in Tortuga. A touch of destiny...
    Where can you be found?
    At the bar in the first pub you saw from the harbour.
    Somewhere in the alleys, hiding.
    You mock at all those filthy people around you! Aren't there any officials around?
    Still at the harbour, trying to find a ship that will get you away.
  • 2
    What's your name? How do you look like and what do you prefer to wear?
    "They call me Goaty, 'cause I obviously brag too much about absolutely everything! I wear what I get in my fingers. By the way, I could use some new boots! oh, and my hair's black."
    "My name's Ginger, so naturally my hair is long, curvy and bright red! My eyes sparkle green. I love casual clothing, and useful stuff, like trousers!"
    "My name is Marylin, but everyone calls me Marry. I have neat, straight hair, but I like to bundle them up. I wear whatever is useful in the moment, dresses or trousers! I have blue eyes."
    "My name is Alexandra Katlyn. My father used to call me Kathy. I like dresses, they make me look so cute and light. I mostly wear rosé patterns. My dark hair is best worn braided."
  • 3
    Your appearance is remarkable, but it makes you easy to spot. Some really evil looking guys suddenly surround you. How do you react?
    You stay completely calm. You do have weapons but also know other ways to get around this. "Hey hey, guys. Can't we negotiate?"
    You know how to act in this kind of situation, although you're still a little frightened. "Alright. Focus."
    You pull out your weapon and want to fight every single one of them immediately! "Come here, you f***ing bastards!"
    You are totally not in control of this situation! You cannot fight neither run away! "Help!"
  • 4
    What ever you intended to do, it looks like there is no escape, you have to fight! What's your weapon?
    "My sword, but if I need to have another advantage I can use everything! A gun, a wig..."
    "I may use cheats but hey, a pistol and a sword are useful in any way!"
    "Whaaat? I do not own such things!"
    "I know perfectly how to use a sword! In a fair fight I can kill you!"
  • 5
    You have luck, my girl! Before you can do anything a male voice is shouting: "Get away of her, you smelly ratfish!" and the creepy guys burst away, after you here a shot. There's smoke all around so you cannot see a thing. How would you want your hero to look like?
    "He needs to be tall and strong to keep me save! I don't mind his eye or hair colour. I like the sweet ones..."
    "Tall, strong, muscular and with tanned skin, that's why I'm in these tropical seas... no I actually like any kind, but I prefer a rougher type."
    "Neat, clean, a real hero will save me but not lose his charm!"
    "I couldn't care less about this guy's look. He saved me, I need to thank him anyways, if you know what I mean?"
  • 6
    It's Tortuga, girl! You more or less knew it had to be a pirate. It is although a pirate Captain! He looks up and down your body, then straight into your eyes. You feel his gaze like he is reading your mind! What do you think he's wondering about?
    He thinks about the one thing every guy thinks about!
    He saw your jewels! He wants to rob you or do even worse things!
    He looks like he has a plan... maybe he wants to manipulate you! But he also looks concerned.
    He looks after all a little worried, probably he wonders what you are doing here! Does he want to save you?
  • 7
    You feel the tension between the both of you, after all you quite like what he looks like, don't you? You need to say something as he remains silent...
    "Oh, my dear er... Sir! I ... I have to thank you!"
    "Hey! You know you just conned me out of my rent, you know? You owe me a drink!"
    "Well, well, well... what do we have here?"
    "Don't think you just saved me! I could have handled this on my own!"
  • 8
    The man comes closer to you chuckling now. His eyes sparkle and you wonder once more what he's thinking...
    He tells you there's no need to thank him, what sounds a little ironic. He puts his pistol away and studies you quietly. After some time he asks you what plans you have at the moment. Maybe you two could combine them...
    You say:
    "I don't usually reveal my plans to strangers... but I definitely need to get off this island!"
    "I don't actually have a plan. I'm really lost! I don't even know what to do know..."
    "I have a lot of plans on the one hand and even twice that much on the other hand!"
    "Well, I was just about to get a little drunk, but I can reschedule that! What are you about to do?"
  • 9
    He smiles widely and tells you his plan. He's Captain of a ship and needs another crewmember. "A girl?", you ask, and he explains he is about to discover a certain treasure. He needs the help of a girl, a beautiful one, he adds. He takes leads you to his ship and your eyes widen, because...
    You are very impressed of this immense, great ship! It has a certain beauty that you cannot deny. You feel a little panic but somehow you want to experience something new!
    You've never seen such a gorgeous ship! You've been sailing for a long time now, but this...is impressive!
    You love the sea, ships and everything about it since you were little! You grew up aboard a ship and sail since you can think. You. want. that. ship.
    You missed the sea! You've been away way to long! Now that you feel the salty, fresh air and see the working men in board you want to join again.
  • 10
    You agree on the strange plan to be a part of the crew for some months. You will even get dues of the treasure everyone is talking about. You may sleep in the Captain's cabin (on your own). You think this is quite a nice arrangement. Aboard you're best friends with:
    Some more or less trustworthy folks named Pintel and Raghetti, but you also like the first mate and some others...
    Everyone! I like the society! But I know I have to be careful.
    The first mate, an older man who was in the Navy a long time ago.
    No one, but the Captain.
  • 11
    One night, after the whole crew ate and drunk together you run into your Captain!
    Awkward situation, what exactly happens?
    You go right to your cabin after you've eaten a little bit. You sit down in the dark room and think about your home. You don't look as good as you used to, your hair is not braided, your hands are crud and you want to take a bath. It knocks on the door and the Captain enters. He sits next to you and takes your hand. "You look sad", he says slowly, "I know you miss your home, I miss mine, too."
    You drank one over the eight, but that's not too bad, the Captain did, too! On the way to your cabin you stumble and bump into him. He has to catch you before you fall down. Both of you giggle a long time, holding balance gets harder and harder. He has to prop you up against the wall. His face is very closed to yours now. His breath smells like rum, you both still laugh. Then he places a strand of your hair behind your ear. "You look extremely beautiful today!", he whispers.
    You've had enough of all these pirates by now. It was funny for a while, but now you just want to sleep, also you drank a little bit of the rum, too and now you're sight is all blurry. As you enter the cabin there is the Captain. Half naked. You watch him putting on his shirt and suddenly you have to giggle like a little girl! "Oh, I always forget this is your cabin now", he smiles. You say nothing. He buts on his shirt quickly and rushes to the door. The moments he has to walk past you take longer than usual and you feel the heat of his body.
    You didn't want to spend too much time with all the other crewmembers, also you wonder where the Captain is. You make the way to the cabin, as you enter you smell candles, food and even wine. The captain has organized a dinner just for you and him. You blush and cannot say a word. He smiles and says: "Red really suits you, my dear!"
  • 12
    You wake up the next day and definitely have to rearrange your priorities...
    Right now you crave the most for:
    Really, love?
  • 13
    The Captain enters and asks you if you want to join some fighting lessons with him. What do you say?
    "You have a strange way to say that you want to spend time with me!"
    "Seriously? You're gonna cry like a baby, mate!"
    "Pfff... I'll join just to beat you up!"
    "Well, maybe it's interesting to see if I'm good at this..."
  • 14
    The ship needs to make a stopover at strange witch's house. The Captain calls her Tia Dalma. She looks at you and the Captain and then smiles maliciously. She says:
    "A touch of destiny is to be felt around you!"
    "You two are really as thick as thieves by now? I knew it..."
    "Like will to like. Love will to love."
    "Like fire and ice, you melt and you put out a blaze!"
  • 15
    Tia Dalma gives the crew further directions, you are one daytrip away from you final destination. The Captain wants to tell you what you have to do tomorrow. After you know it you...
    ... start to negotiate about your part of the play.
    ... are afraid but agree to do it.
    ... nod and make a plan about what exactly to do.
    ... feel betrayed. This was not what you talked about in Tortuga!
  • 16
    In any way, on the next day you arrive at the island. You still have to take a longer walk to a great cave. The Captain walks next to you in silence. He's just as nervous as you are. What does he have to tell you?
    He apologises pretty lamely, but then he talks about a fleet that the both of you could built after he'll give you your own ship. His eyes sparkle as he talks about his dream and you can't be angry any longer.
    He is happy that you agreed on this.
    He wants to end this whole experiment.
    He is not sure anymore if you should do this...maybe there's another way.
  • 17
    You enter the cave and you have to gasp for air. The whole inner side of the cave is covered in diamonds and it sparkles all around you. You realize that the other men and the Captain stayed outside. The plan is to search for the right one, and take it. You must stick to the plan and you may not take anything out of selfish needs. You...
    Go straightly to the highest point of the cave. You have to take only one and you need to be completely innocent. So you close your eyes and think about .... well the Captain? You reach out your arm and grab the first stone you touch.
    The plan is completely barmy! How could the Captain have thought you are an innocent mind! You think a lot about just taking one stone for yourself and running away. But then the Captain comes to your mind again and again... you find your stone without searching.
    Look at all the walls carefully. You have to take only one stone, and listen to your own feelings. They needed an innocent mind, maybe you weren't the right one for this...? You decide to pick the biggest one.
    They needed an innocent person to do this, so you’re practically perfect. You know exactly where to go and grab one stone.
  • 18
    You come back with the stone! The crew is jeering and howling! You are celebrated! What do you want to do now?
    "I have to think about me feelings!"
    "I want to find true love!"
    "I just want to go home!"
    "I don't know yet!"
  • 19
    The Captain has hardly eyes for the stone, he comes close to you and puts his hands on your shoulders. He leans forward and whispers into your ear:
    "What about a nice stay in London?"
    "That was really amazing, I almost thought you ran away!"
    "I owe you a lot, love!"
    "You are truly the most wonderful, brave and beautiful woman I've ever met!"
  • 20
    After this you don't know what to say. He pulls you closer and his hands rest around your waist. You feel his body on yours and he says: "You're really different. I never thought I could...", but he cannot go on, as you press your lips against his. What does the kiss feel like?
    Rough and Soft at the same time.
    I like it.
    Soft. Nice. Right.
  • 21
    Your favourite colour is:
  • 22
    After the kiss you both breathe heavily. He asks: "What was that for?" and you answer:
    "For you, smart aleck!"
    "Your effort to take me here." *wink*
    "That was my answer!"
    "Guess I'm overreacting. I just thought you deserve one."
  • 23
    He smiles at your answer. Then he takes your head in his hands and kisses you again, roughly and harder now. You feel your knees shake and your brain melt...you didn't see that one coming! You try to say something but your mind is full. You think:
    "Oh sweet gosh! What did just happen?"
    "DAMN! But, damn yes or no? "
    "Oh.. OH, you! Yes! Yes! YES!"
    "Wow! I mean.... wow! What do I feel? Am I .... argh! I wanna have one real thought, please! Could this... be!"
  • 24
    He laughs at your confusion and tells you that he really, really likes you. All the time you spent together aboard the ship and everything you did to him. Exactly, his last words were:
    "I, I think I'm in love with you!"
    "I want to spend more time with you!"
    "I ... well, I really like you and. I never did this before but, I'd like you to stay a little longer on my ship."
    "I don't think I can ever let you go!"
  • 25
    Not to disturb the tension, but one day he will actually confess his love to you. He says:
    "Sweetheart! I love you!"
    "I love you, Goaty!"
    "I love you, my darling!"
    "My love, you're the only one for me! I love you!"

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