Does he love me?

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Find out whether or not your secret crush actually loves you back by simply selecting the options most closely related to his/her behaviors around you.:) Good luck!

  • 1
    You're walking down the hallway and they see you out of the corner of your eye. Then they...
    Finish the discussion they were in and walk over with a solemn expression.
    Ignore you/turn away from you completely
    Stick their tongue out and sneer
    Finish the discussion they were in and walk over with a happy expression.
    Wave at you when they think no one's watching.
  • 2
    You stumble in the hallway. He/she sees you and they...
    Asks what's wrong with you and why the crap you're on the floor.
    Quiets someone who is making fun of your clumsiness.
    Walk over and help pick you up.
    Stand there awkwardly, not sure what to do.
    Point and laugh.
  • 3
    You're sitting alone at a lunch table in the cafeteria. That special someone walks by and sees you. They...
    Doesn't give you a second glance.
    Hesitate for a second before continuing to walk away.
    Hesitate for a second before sitting down across from you.
    Turns and very obviously walks in the other direction.
    Smiles, dismisses his/her friends, and comes to sit beside you.
  • 4
    You get hurt in gym class and you can't get up. The students try to find the teacher and you're left there on the ground with them standing over you. They...
    Don't ask anything; they simply pick you up/help you straight to the nurse's office.
    Ask you if it hurts (I don't know, is it supposed to hurt when you break something?)
    Mocks your screams of agony.
    Ask if you're okay with a somewhat-concerned expression.
    Makes fun of your leg: "Why is it bent at that funny angle?"
  • 5
    You’re standing on the edge of the sidewalk after school, waiting for a ride that is running forty minutes late. They walk out of the school and see you there. They say...
    "Why are you standing out here by yourself?"
    "Is there someone I can call for you?"
    "Would you like a ride home?"
    "Are you lost, nerd? Heh!"
  • 6
    You are waiting at the bus stop and it starts pouring rain. The bus is late and you forgot your jacket. By the time you run in to grab it and back out, you've missed the bus. They drive past and roll their window down...
    And ask, "Hey, do you need a lift?"
    And snort because you look like a drowned cat.
    And watch you fidget awkwardly.
    And say, "It's a little wet today, isn't it?"
    And ask if they should hunt down the school bus for you.
  • 7
    You're at the community park, feeding the ducks by yourself or wandering around with no sense of direction. You notice them by the drinking fountain and see them...
    Passed out on the cement. You call 911 and rush to their side.
    Laughing about something. When you ask later, they say it was about something cute you'd said.
    Talking with another girl. You run away.
    Getting a drink, then turn around and see you. They wave you over to start a great conversation about homework.
    Imitating someone - you realize it's you.
  • 8
    Your gym class is doing a unit on weightlifting and you see them...
    Asks, "hey, you! Can you grab that water bottle and toss it to me?"
    Offer to call the office ahead of time and prepare them for your latest injury >:)
    Volunteers to keep an eye on the "less-abled" students. *winks at you*
    Volunteers to help you with yours.
    Showing off to the other guys/girls on how much they can lift.
  • 9
    They see you walk out of the principal's office after a huge fight. You were the victim. Your attacker goes in after you. They shrug away from the wall and walk towards you. They say...
    "Hey, are you alright? That's a pretty wicked black eye."
    "How're the bruises, nerd?"
    "Are you stupid? What got you mixed up in that?"
    "Um, hi. What happened? I was absent yesterday and I heard about a fight..."
    "What happened? Where is he/she? Are you hurt?"
  • 10
    You are crying after school because of something someone said to you. They suddenly appear beside you and say...
    *Gives a sad smile* "They aren't very nice, are they?"
    "Does this hurt?" *hits your sore spot* *you cry out* "That's what I thought."
    *slaps your back* "Better you than me, right? Ha!"
    *shrugs* "At least it wasn't worse."
    *wipes tear away* (whisper) "Don't listen to them. They don't even know you."

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