Are you fit to buy a horse?

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Are you thinking about buying a horse? Are you ready to? See if you are.

  • 1
    Do you have the land?
    Less than a quarter of an acre
    Teeny garden, that's all
    About a million, not
    Yes, 1 or more acres
    What's an acre
  • 2
    Do you have about 10'000 odd pounds?
    No way hose ay
    Yes, more even
    Nope I'm not that rich
    £1 only
    Umm umm not sure
  • 3
    Have you got lots and lots of hay?
    A whole field full
    Who would
    1 barrel
    None whatsoever
    1 trillion barrels, not
  • 4
    Have you got a ton of free time?
    Workwork work
    Sure, I work from home
    Poo poo poo no no no
    I would rather collect stamps
    Fashion shows rock
  • 5
    Are horses your life?
    Super scary creatures
    Infinity times yes then spin around the moon 10000000 times
    Never fashion rocks
    Why am I taking this quiz
  • 6
    Tell me your favourite thing?
    Pink dresses
    Horses horses horses horses
  • 7
    Silver, solo, ginger, blazen
    Triple yawn
    Poop poop poop who cares
  • 8
    Where would you ride?
    To scary
    You ride without me
    Don’t ride
  • 9
    Have you got all the riding equipment?

    Yes saddle bridal horse shoes grooming kit and more
    Don’t ride
    Waste of money
  • 10
    What do you need mainly?
    How should I know
    Groan, more things
    What do you need?
    Groom stuff can't be bothered
    Patience, equipment, land, food
  • 11
    Will you ride it every day?
    Once a year
    Who cares
    Once a month
    10 times a day
  • 12
    Do you promise to groom them every day before you ride?
    What could possibly go wrong
    Oh who cares
  • 13
    Will you brush them thoroughly and remember to pick their hooves?
    I will ruin my nails
    Hard then soft brush and picking their hooves, who couldn`t remember?
    Umm umm
    Oh no
    Poop I’ve got the memory of a goldfish, I’ll never remember
  • 14
    Put correct equipment on?
    Where does the bridal go?
    Can’t be bothered
    I know it head to tail
  • 15
    Mucking out and general cleanliness?
    Why? Horses fault
    Great I hate cleaning
    I'll pay someone else
  • 16
    Will you feed your horse every day?
    I won’t feed it
    I can't be bothered
    Grass it can eat on its own
    Yes, but not too much
    Hay, grass, hay, grass, whats the bother
  • 17
    Have a proper fencing?
    It can't jump
    Any fencing will do
  • 18
    Will you wash it?
    Hot weather only
    Yes, in hot and cold weather
    No it can wash itself
    Alright but I won't do it well
  • 19
    Will you take full responsibility for it?
    La la la la not listening not listening
    Not if something goes wrong
    Hey no
    Obviously it will have a splendid life
  • 20
    Will you have a proper stable?
    I can't build stables
    Oh not something else to do
    Money, money, money, too much money
    A strong, sturdy structure

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