Has he fallen for you?

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See if that special guy likes you back!

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    This is important: Do you think he likes you? (On a scale of 1-10 please round!)
    ...we don't know each other, so 0.
    He might like me... Maybe a 6
    Totally a 10!
    I doubt it; 3
    It's totally possible, I'd say like an 8!
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    Okay! Now that that's out of the way: how often do you guys talk/how high is your friend level?
    We greet each other, but that's about it.
    We talk, but we aren't great friends.
    We talk ALL the time, we're basically best friends!
    He might've said hi once.
    We're good friends, we talk pretty frequently!
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    Role play!: You're at a dance./party: You walk over to ask him to dance. He:
    Blinks, than agrees.
    Isn't even there; he didn't want to go.
    Says, "no, sorry, I'm not a very good dancer."
    Is too busy dancing with another girl.:(
    Is already dancing with you.
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    (Yet more role play.) It's your birthday! You're holding a party, and he gives you a:
    Giant hug, and hands you something he knows you'll like.
    Isn't here either, since he doesn't know you.
    $5 gift card to Target.
    Gift card to your favorite store.
    Kiss! (Lucky you!)
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    Time is no measure of love, but how long have you two known each other?
    We could be siblings, we're so close!
    ...known him? I've stared at him for a while.
    We're pretty close.
    We've known each other a couple months/a year.
    We met the other day.
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    Is he very popular with girls?
    He's popular, but its more like he's friends with everyone.
    He's not very popular, is that bad?
    It's unbelievable, almost every girl likes him.
    He's a player, does that count?
    He's only friends with me!
  • 7
    Does he agree with you on, like, EVERYTHING?
    We don't talk...
    We bicker sometimes, but its either for fun, or about something stupid.
    Yeah, we're really similar!
    We disagree on some things, but not all.
    We can't agree on anything! (I've been there.)
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    If/when he gives you a compliment, its usually something like:
    ...nice shirt.
    Wow, you look really great!
    You got a good grade, huh? You must be really smart!
    How many times do I have to say it! WE. DON'T. TALK.
    You're good at (insert activity here).
  • 9
    Probably should've asked this first, but: Is he currently in a relationship?
    No, but he's always saying that he wants a girlfriend!
    I don't know...
    Yes, and they're so in love.
    Yeah, but why should that matter?
    No he isn't.
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    Last one! Is it obvious that you like him?
    I hope not, but it probably is.
    We're dating...
    No not at all.
    It's obvious, but I think he enjoys the attention!
    Are you kidding? I told him I liked him, but he never responded.

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