Am I gay? - for boys 12 through 16

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This shows if you are gay, bi, or straight. when you get your results if you need to talk to someone, email me at, if you think you are something else than the test result you are right the test can't be one hundred percent right! Be completely honest

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    First off be completely honest with this. If you aren't, the test scores will be inaccurate and that means you are wasting your own time, so yeah!

    What do you think you are?

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Rob (65663)
17 days ago
I’m bi
Name (12419)
18 days ago
They always say I'm bi I guess I'm bi but I like guys way more than girls.?😐
Hunter (62103)
19 days ago
That’s pretty good test I don’t like admitting that little gay but it’s o.k as long as no friends or family or nobody at school or of the sport team or church or parents friend
Anymous (36677)
52 days ago
I'm gay too and a boy. 😁
Jesse (86218)
54 days ago
Im gay and 13 and proud
Person (47506)
54 days ago
I mean.. I got 58%, but I might just stay straight.. I want kids later on in my life with a dad AND mom, even thought I'm not really attracted to females, that doesn't mean I can't date them.
Dean (82321)
63 days ago
i am gay but i live in utah and im 16 but i want a boy friend what should i do?
john (96812)
68 days ago
ive been gay for as long as i can remember im 12 and i get bullied alot but i just hit them over the head with my book i suffered depression but ive getting through it. IM GAY AND IM PROUD IF YOU ARE TO DONT BE AFRAID TO SHOW IT EMBRACE IT👏❤💘
Chimir (07766)
115 days ago
I'm so happy that it's been cleared up I'll be 13 in 12 days and I'm so happy that someone has the same feelings as me.
Mike (02130)
139 days ago
I'm 14, GAY and PROUD!!
Jaymin (35693)
177 days ago
Hey I'm gay.
None yo business (46402)
231 days ago
It said I was bi but I'm fne I've known for a while I like boys but I had equal feelings for them and girls but personally I'm more gay than b but only slightly I'm glad in a wierd way I mean it's good to know that the sex(s) you like rant just some trick in your mind. not out if the closet yet
Ben (91859)
240 days ago
Yup it says im gay I've taken about 6 other tests like this and I have had a 50/50 chance to get gay or BI.
kenny (95357)
248 days ago
This is my first time here and i am gay but i am older then this site want to know about a person who see me as a nice gay guy. But my age is way over the age limit like 67yr old and i am still gay. I can't stop thinking of this at all.
You need to reset the time to 29 secs. For each questions you have on your website ok.
Ethan (36568)
268 days ago
For all the kids under 15 this test is most likely not accurate because yiu havehaven't fully matured, so don't go telling your parents you're gay. I know I'm gay and I've "done it" a few times but the test says I'm bi.and you also should not be trying to get into a relationship in highschool nonetheless before HS unless you get into an actual relationship. Just because the test says you're gay doesn't mean you have to go around trying to point out that you're gay, just be yourself.

- sincerely Ethan
Matthew (01287)
273 days ago
Carter if you read this here is my advice. If there is a god who you believe in think about this. Do you think they would mind? And is it worth following a God who doesn't let you be yourself?
Please take those things into acount and also remember this. By 2028 gay marriage is predicted to be legal in %94 of countries. Like you I am 12 and know how difficult it is to talk to your parents about even small stuff. Hope everything goes well for you.

Noah (30550)
284 days ago
I want to kiss a guy.
Noah (30550)
284 days ago
It said I am 83% and I am PROUD! But I am so SCARED TO TELL MY PARENTS!
arun (05230)
294 days ago
anyone wanna to friendship
BonerBoy (71760)
301 days ago
I am 12 and I am bisexual and want a partner so what should i do