Does she like you back?

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Does she like you back?
First of all, stand up for yourself! Don't bury yourself in your own arms face-down on the experiment table and wait for some geek to go to your dream girl and ask her to be his science class partner! Take this quiz to find out if she either refuses some geek and comes to YOU!

  • 1
    Do you really like her?
    Shut up. I would DIE for her.
    YES. Head over heels!
    Not that much but sure.
  • 2
    Be honest.
    Not really. I'm taking this quiz for fun.
  • 3
    What do you think about HER?
    She is beautiful in many many ways that I cannot even finish counting.
    She is a tomboy, but I like her because she's popular, beautiful and cool.
    She is PRETTY and is good at flirting with guys.
  • 4
    What do you think you can do to make her like you even more?
    Do everything I possibly can to make her happy.
    Kiss her
    Give her a book.
  • 5
    Her friends tell you that she doesn't like you. Do you believe that?
    No. I think I won't believe that
    Yes. -tear drops- I'll just find another girl.
    Maybe. I don't know cause I'm not that confident.
  • 6
    You both went camping. Then you got attacked by a huge grizzly bear and lost all your bags. All you have right now is a knife in your pocket and a leather jacket. You see your dream girl cold and scared. What do you do?
    Stand there staring at her beautiful blue/green eyes.
    Give her my knife and jacket and go fight the bear: "wait for me."
    Give her my jacket! DUH!
  • 7
    What is your dream girl like?
    Pretty, outgoing, funny and kind.
    Beautiful, tomboy, and has a major skateboard talent.
  • 8
    Your dream girl and your mom fell in the river. Who do you save first?
    No one. I'm going to stand there and call my dad to come help.
    My mother. I will tell my girl to stay calm so she could float on top and I'll save her after my mom.
    My girl. I don't want to see that such beautiful hair wet.
  • 9
    She invites you to a party. You see that there are NO BOYS. What do you do?
    Stay. This looks pretty fun.
    Say "I forgot I had an dentist appointment! Sorry, BYE!"
  • 10
    Would you ever tell her you like her?
    Sure, whatever you want.
  • 11
    If you had 3 powers, what will they be?
    Flying, the power to freeze and to run super fast.
    Zoom zoom! Running fast makes me cool!
  • 12
    Yah like this quiz?
    Yeah it was pretty good.
    It sucked.

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