Does She Like You? (Guys only!)

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Let's find out!

  • 1
    Do you like her for who she is?
    Eh, I heard about her from some friends and she seems cool.
    Nah, she's just super HOT!
    OF COURSE! We're like twins!
  • 2
    What does she do while you're talking?
    She looks at me while laughing and smiling.
    She shrugs and does other stuff, like she's not listening.
    She zones out....
  • 3
    How often to you talk, and what do you talk about?
    Whenever we can, and we talk about EVERYTHING!
    Almost never, she only talks to me when wanting to borrow a pencil or something...
    Sadly, we don't talk....
    Sometimes, almost rarely, and we talk about kinda boring stuff.
  • 4
    Do you/she flirt?
    It depends on what you mean by "flirting"....
    *sigh* NOPE!
    All the time! It's like she's hinting me....
  • 5
    What do you know about her?
    I have no idea about anything about her. *Face palm*
    EVERYTHING! I know all her faves and all her hates!
    Most stuff, I just don't know about her private life, and stuff like that...
    Not much... Only boring stuff like her friends and blah...
  • 6
    Does she sit by you? And if she does, how close?
    All the time! She doesn't sit with anyone else, and she sits close to me, you could call it "SNUGGLING"
    I've never gotten to sit with her in my life, I'm ashamed (lol)
    Not much, only when we have to.
    Sometimes, and she sits next to me at a friend zone place...
  • 7
    Does she hug/ hold hands with you?
    Not much.
    Sometimes, only when I've lost someone or something..
    All the time! It's AwEsOmE!
    In my dreams!
  • 8
    What does she wear around you?
    Maybe some fancy blouses and stuff, but it's for her friends or something.
    T-shirts with hilarious puns on them, we plan them,:)
    I don't know, I don't even talk to her, let alone OBSERVE HER CLOTHES!
    Just casual stuff.
  • 9
    Does she pass you notes in class/ talk to you in class?
    Sometimes, but only to talk about stuff like "Can I borrow your pencil?" and whatever
    All the time, it's hilarious when we get caught!
    Not really, maybe once or twice...
  • 10
    BE TRUTHFUL: Do YOU think she likes you?
    Kind of, hopefully?
    Maybe, that's why I'm asking you!
    YES! *Then why did you take this quiz?*
    Now that I think about it, NOPE! I got no chance.

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