Magic Awakening

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So you just got magic handed down to you from a stranger. You cannot get rid of it. It is not fully awake though. Depending on your personality, the magic will differ.

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    So your magic is causing you pain because your body, soul and heart are not used to it yet. What do you do to get it used to the magic?
    I will train. Fighting with swords, bow & arrows, or even my own fists.
    I will walk into an area I normally don't go (e.g: forest) and play it out how my body gets used to it.
    I will try stunts. (e.g: huge flips combined with amazing props) See how my body reacts to it.
  • 2
    After countless days of training you get sick of doing it alone. You can't find the stranger so you decide to go to a magician. He tells you 'Try forcing your energy and attacking something lifeless. For example, a dead tree. See how your body reacts and that will give you a clue on what your magic is.' What happens when you hit the tree?
    The thing blows as if I've summoned a hurricane around it and it falls to the ground, roots and all.
    The whole world starts shaking, as if I'm using all the world's resources.
    It snaps and breaks. It is about to land on me so I try hitting it again and it disintegrates.
  • 3
    Somebody is approaching you. They are unhappy you have been attacking that tree. You sense strong power coming from her. She is your age though. She tells you: "Since you think you're so strong, try defeating me. Since I'm so nice, I'll tell you my magic. Try using that as an advantage in defeating me. I use element magic. Fire, water, air and earth."
    I attack. We clash swords and the world begins shaking. My magic is beginning to work. Yet I still don't know what my magic is!
    I let her attack me first. I dodge and let her face another tree. In the time she takes to turn I launch a large amount of my energy at her.
    I meet her half way and she's about to attack me but I jump to the left and do a full 360 turn. I focus my magic on her and I understand it all. Her tactics are memorized.
  • 4
    What happens next?
    The world shakes so hard, the ground splits a little, the wind forces the trees to rustle, it feels warm and hard under the suspense and I can hear the water of the river crashing against the shore.
    I have figured out her tactics easily. It as if she is speaking and telling me it. I use it for myself and move according to what she plans. She is dumbfounded since I understand exactly what to do.
    Everything is chaos. I'm attacking with my sword, she with hers, and we are neck and neck. Normally I'm slow but suddenly I feel fast, she must be slower than I think.
  • 5
    Who wins?
    I win by taking a swipe at her arm and she falls to the ground. With my sword I point it at her. She backs off.
    With my jumps and flips, she grows tired and slow. It pisses her off. She decides I'm a coward. But I know I won.
    It's a draw. She and I are both very powerful. She backs off first saying: "You got lucky. We'll have a rematch later. I have better things to do."
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    (Note: I have space to fill since you've answered all the main Qs. So I'll ask random stuff and at Q 10 you will answer one final question and your result will show up. Okay?:) )
    'Kay, I'm gonna go do some flips and stuff.
    I better go train.
    I'd rather fight some more.
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    2 more questions till the final one
    More time for me to do flips. (Me: Okay)
    Whatever. Quit pissing me off (Me: Somebody's in a mood. .-.)
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    1 more question to go:)
  • 10
    Okay: how does your power unleash itself?
    I hear voices, four to be exact. My hands start glowing and I feel like I'm in space.
    I feel like I'm on the battlefield. A heavy sword in hand, ducking and ready to attack.
    I feel light as air. Flying, zipping across the skies. I can do as many flips as I like and it only makes me feel even more powerful.

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