Are you ready for a horse?

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Take this test to get an idea of how ready you are to own your own horse!

  • 1
    What is a gelding?
    A baby horse
    A boy
    A "fixed" male horse
    A horse
  • 2
    What style do you ride?
    On the saddle
  • 3
    Your horse is lying down in his stall and kicking at his stomach trying to roll-what do you do?
    Leave him be-he is fine!
    Give him human Tylenol
    Kick him in the stomach as well
    Start walking him and call the vet
    Watch him and call the vet
  • 4
    What is the correct order of events for grooming?
    1.use hard brush to sweep away dirt
    2. pick hooves
    3. use curry comb in circles to get up dirt
    4. use soft brush to bring out oil
    4, 3, 2, 1
    3, 1, 4, 2
    3, 1, 2, 4
    1, 2, 3, 4
    2, 4, 1, 3
  • 5
    When buying a horse, who do you bring with you when you test the horse?
    A trainer
    A friend
    Why would I test the horse?
    My neighbor
    My parents
  • 6
    Your horse spooks-what do you do?
    Smack him-he was naughty!
    Yell at him
    Correct him by leading him past the same area again
    Get off and end the ride to prevent it from happening again
    Call your trainer
  • 7
    What treat to give your horse?
    An apple
    An approved balanced diet treat
    Sugar cubes all the time
    Cotton candy
  • 8
    How often will you go take care of your horse?
    4-5 times a week
    Once a month
    Once a week
    Every day
  • 9
    What does green mean?
    The horse isn't trained fully
    It's a color
    Naughty horse
    It means the horse is green colored
  • 10
    You fall off. What do you do?
    Tell your trainer that you need help
    Cry and be scared
    Punish your horse
    Get back on
    Sell your horse
  • 11
    Who do you let ride your horse?
    Just me
    Anyone that has experience
    Small children
    A stranger that's never ridden before
  • 12
    Can a horse eat right after exercise?
    It depends on how much exercise
    Yes-it's healthy
    Sure why not
    A little bit can't hurt
    No-they will colic
  • 13
    Your first ride with your horse! What do you ride in?
    The saddle they came with
    The old saddle I found in the old tack room
    Nothing-tackless is all natural
    My saddle that I am pretty sure will fit
  • 14
    How often should a horse be fed?
    1x a day
    It depends how much grass they eat
    3x a day
    Whenever they are hungry
  • 15
    What is a normal stall size?
    You have to multiply horses height to find the correct size

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