Which Dog Breed Should You Get?

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Find out which dog breed you should get!:)

  • 1
    Which describes your lifestyle?
    Not home very often, busy busy busy!
    Stay at home, work from home, introverted
    I am busy but make sure I am home to take care of my duties
    Nervous-scared to leave but when I do, make sure all the alarms are on
    Pretty average-work and come home
  • 2
    What size dog do you like?
    Pretty large size
    Purse pup
    Large dogs-bigger the better:)
    Average, medium size
  • 3
    Why do you want a dog?
    I need a protective dog
    I want one for the house to see when I am home
    I want a dog to show off to my friends
    Need a full-time companion
    I would like a dog (maybe for my family)
  • 4
    Are you allergic to dogs?
    Slightly bothered but allergy medicine makes it stop
    For the most part
    Not really
  • 5
    How much time are you willing to spend on your dog each day?
    When I am home from work, and have nothing to do
    All day every day
    The minimum
    Not much but whatever the dog needs
    Every day, when they need something
  • 6
    How experienced are you with dogs?
    This would be my first
    We had a dog when I was little
    I have owned some strong dogs before that required some work
    Eh-I have pet sat before
    A little-had a dog or two
  • 7
    What temperament do you want in a dog?
    A very protective dog to keep strangers away. Maybe slightly aggressive, but not that they would bite anyone
    Calm, can have energy but a very smart, Loyal and protective dog
    High energy, ostentatious
    A sweet personality, doesn't bother much and loves to be loved
    Calm, doesn't need a lot of anything
  • 8
    What is your personality like?
    Lonely, introverted, loving, caring, patient
    Ostentatious, showy, high-matienance, party-goer
    Happy, extroverted, friendly
    Nervous, scared, willing to learn
    Calm, slow lifestyle, work a lot
  • 9
    What color do you like for your dog?
    Doesn't matter-lightish
    Spots, solid colors, anything
    Solid colors
    Light, solid colors
    Dark colors
  • 10
    What is your music taste?
    Whatever is popular in pop songs!
    Celine Dion style
    "Who could it be now"
    Emo, screamo
  • 11
    What do you do if your dog has health issues?
    They can take care of themselves-they are strong
    See if they cure themselves then ask someone else to take them to the vet
    Take everything as it goes, help in anyway I can
    EW vet take car of it
    We will know when the time is right if you know what I mean
  • 12
    Should your dog be good with kids?
    I don't have kids, but a nice personality is ok-doesn't have to be good with kids though because I know how dogs are
    Yes-so it can entertain my kids while I'm at work
    I don't care about children
    Yes absolutely
  • 13
    Choose one:
    "You've got a friend in me!"
    "the bigger the better!"
    "I am feeling so small"
    "Does that make me high-mateniance?"
    "I need a hero!"

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