Magnetism and Electricity Test

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22 Questions - Developed by: Alison Chung - Developed on: - 12.498 taken

  • 1
    An electromagnet is an example of...
    A conductor
    A temporary magnet
    Static electricity
    A circuit
    A permanent magnet
  • 2
    A(n) _____________ can be turned on and off
  • 3
    An electromagnet can be created by
    Rub a needle with a magnet and connect it to a cork
    Connecting a magnet to the potato
    Rub a balloon with your hair
    Wrapping iron core with wire and connecting the wire to a battery
    Rubbing a balloon with wool and stick it on the wall
  • 4
    An example of ________________ is a battery connected to a light bulb with wires
    parallel circuits
    Static discharge
    Magnetic fields
    electric charge
    Current electricity
  • 5
    Current electricity is _____________________.
    Build up of electric charge
    a positive charge
    a path for electricity to flow through
    A flow of electric charge.
    the push in a simple circuit
  • 6
    A ______ is used to open and close a circuit.
    magnetic field
  • 7
    Static electricity is the ______________________.
    A push in a circuit
    Build up of electric charges
    electric current in a closed circuit
    unlike charges attracting each other
    Complete path in which electricity flows
  • 8
    A closed circuit is a _______________.
    circuit in which current is able to flow and light up a bulb
    magnetic field
    open circuit
    parallel circuit
  • 9
    A complete path through which electricity can flow is called _____.
    A battery
    a magnet
    a conductor
    An insulator
    A circuit
  • 10
    A parallel circuit ___________________________.
    Has only one path to flow.
    Will not let electricity to flow.
    provides a push in a simple circuit
    Has more than one path for electricity to flow.
    Will repel one other
  • 11
    A series circuit__________________________.
    Will have a positive charge
    has only one path for electricity to flow.
    Allows electricity to flow
    will have a negative charge
    will attract one other
  • 12
    A battery _________________________.
    can provide the push in a simple circuit.
    repels others
    Is a magnetic field
    will lose electrons
    will attract iron
  • 13
    An open circuit ____________________________.
    Will gain electron from friction
    will repel magnets
    Will conduct heat
    will insulate
    will not allow electricity to flow
  • 14
    An object that gains electrons will have a ___________.
    Positive charge
    Neutral charge
    Negative charge
    An electric current
  • 15
    An object that loses electrons will have ____________.
    Electric charges
    A positive charge
    Static discharge
    A negative charge
    Static electricity
  • 16
    The magnetic field in an electromagnet is a(n)_____________.
    Open circuit
    Electric charge
    Electric current
    Current electricity
  • 17
    Two like charges will ______________.
    Do nothing
    Repel each other
    attract each other
  • 18
    Two unlike charges will_____________.
    Repel each other
    Attract each other
    Stay in the same place
  • 19
    If a magnet is put into a pile of paper clips, the paper clips will ___________ to the magnet.
    Run away from the magnet
    Stand up
  • 20
    What are insulators?
    Like charges
    Objects that do not let electricity flow
    Objects that allow electricity to flow
    Unlike charges
  • 21
    What are conductors?
    Objects that don't allow electricity to flow
    Objects that allow electricity to flow
  • 22
    What materials do you need to make an electromagnet?
    Plastic, battery, wires...
    Needle, and a cork
    Paper clips and a battery
    wires, battery, a nail...
    A light bulb, battery, and wires

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