Does He Like You? (middle school girls)

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Let's face it... middle school guys are DIFFICULT. Maybe this quiz will help

  • 1
    When he talks to you he...
  • 2
    He has...
  • 3
    Does he talk louder or about crazy, daring things while around you?
  • 4
    How often does he talk to you?
  • 5
    Who approaches who at school /other activities?
  • 6
    Does he get jealous when you talk to other guys?
  • 7
    Does he have a girl friend?
  • 8
    What does he talk to you about?
  • 9
    Does he tease you?
  • 10
    Be honest... Do YOU think he likes you?

Comments (68)


Chaeli (81499)
I got 75% I think he likes me because sometimes he texts me random things for no reason just to talk to me. A lot of the time he smiles at from his desk and I smile back we hold each others gaze for a while too! I’m kinda on edge though because one time we were trying to set up our best friends and he was faking asking me out but then he looked at me and said never mind and oddly shuffled away out of the corner of my eye I kept seeing him sneaking looks at me but I never looked back cuz I was shy... I really like him we have been in the same classes for years!!! But last year we got split up cuz our grades (6&7) so we lost our friendship and it was never really the same... And one time I think his mom (she’s a school teacher and we were in her class) gave us projects but me and his persons we were doing the project on were a couple so we were the ONLY group!!! I’m so lost what’s up with boys!!!
Haylee (81499)
Haylee (81499)
First off, Becky Fabulous 657 we can all see Jasyn is clearly a doche bag what 💗 does that to people?!? Second of all, I know people want to be dating a hot guy but tbh it never really matters... I always pictured my self with a guy who is taller than me but then I meant a boy he was shorter than me but I kinda liked him after that I did not care who tall he was he was just so sweet and kind to me!!! So long story short, HOT GUYS ARE NOT ALWAYS THE BEST!!!!
(Btw I’m not saying anyone in my story is not that appealing I just never pictured my self with someone shorter than me. Btw (again ik) you rarly end up with the person you pictured!!!!!)
Crushing (50458)
3 days ago
There's this cute guy and he's my friend and I think he really likes me because he leans on me and playfully teases me. He told me that his mom told him he could date in his freshman year of high school and he said no. He doesn't want to date yet.

What should I do?
Brooke (68986)
4 days ago
My kiss with Jasyn was so good Becky, he only loves me and he told me he hates you
Jasyn (68986)
4 days ago
Becky Fabulous 657, I like you and only you! All the other girls are losers, and I want to be with you f0rever! Please come up to me and ask me out, I am to shy to ask you!!!!!
Sydney (11617)
4 days ago
Ok first of all this test says he 30% likes you. That is NOT true!!! He came up to me yesterday and told me that he liked me?!?!? Like really?!?! These tests are SOOO no accurate!!!
Evelyn Rose (52151)
5 days ago
WHAT THE HECK?!?!?! I got 30% He loves me, but is shy, 30% he likes me as a friend, and For 20 % you are: He likes and he probably hopes you like him as well, and For 10 % you are: I'm sorry to say this, but he doesn't like you. So he 50% loves me and 40% doesn't, first of all? That doesn't even total to 100% percent!!! Is he 10% dead?!? Lastly, this didn't help me at all! I'm lovesick! I need guidance!
Epic Advice (76366)
5 days ago
Becky Fabulous 657 first how is your life so hectic AND YOUR ONLY IN SIXTH GRADE!?!?! Second ask him, but ask your friend about it first. Last time I asked a cool guy out he rejected me and everyone talked about it for like 2 months. Go with ur gut if you don't believe me.
Becky Fabulous 657 (93512)
5 days ago
Als0 my best friend LIKES JASYN and her name is skyler and she flirts w/ him like EVEERYDAY and its SOOO ANNNOYING and 1 time she KiSSSED HIMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGHHHH!!!!!!!!
Becky Fabulous 657 (93512)
5 days ago
Soooo this hot guy @ my school his name is jasyn I rly like him but alot of girls like him 2 and he likes this girl name lexi and their dating but last week @ school he kissed a girl named jenna so lexi dumped him and then 2 days ago he was holding hands with a girll named brooke and jenna started crying becuz he said that he and brooke were dating but yesterday he came up to me and said i was hot and that we should date!!!!!!11 AND THEN HE KISSED ME!!!!!1 But today I asked him if we could start dating and he said ew no your sooooooo ugly why would you even ask me? And then he kissed BROOKE!!!!!!!!!!1 RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!!!! And later a short guy named joey asked me out abd hes RLLY ugly like he has so many pimples so I said no your ugly and he said that he hated me and walked away AND THEN JASYN"s friends told me that JASYN LIKES ME BUT HE"S TO sHY TO ASK ME OUT AGAN! WHAT DO I DO HELP PLS! Ps Im in the 6th grade k bye!
Haleigh (76366)
7 days ago
Here ta help it turns out he asked out another girl but one of my guy friends asked me out so it was a win win
Jessica (40859)
7 days ago
I got 60% but it good to know that but he owes me €1
Lynn (81067)
15 days ago
I got 50% what should I do? I am not even 100% sure if I like him yet. Things have been really awkward between us lately. Should I ask him out or not? PLEASE HELP!!!
Angie 💖😘 (50456)
15 days ago
It says 70% he likes me. I don’t know what to believe! I kind of think he does, but at the same time I don’t b/c I think he would have told me by now. I confessed like 3 mounts ago, so I assumed after I told he would either
Here ta help :) (50456)
15 days ago
Haleigh you should totally ask him out! Wait for a school event to come up and then do it.
Haleigh (76366)
16 days ago
I got 50% A but the guy I like JUST broke up with his girlfriend. Do I ask him or not?
Jen (93463)
17 days ago
He like me
girl (93377)
17 days ago
I recently asked my crush out because this test said he really liked me (80%) and he's not allowed to date so it's been really award and we have barely talked a nd I thought he said he wasn't allowed to date so he wouldn't hurt my feelings but all my friends say he really likes me so I took this test again and it said he likes me but he's shy (60%) and I don't know wot to do cause he's really sweet and cute and omg I just melt when I'm around him. He was one of my friends but now we barely talk.
Bookworm (84661)
18 days ago
K I'll try that out!!