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Loony Lovegood? Potty? Weasel? Dumbly-dore? Snivellus Snape? Gred and Forge? Find out which character you are in Harry Potter!

  • 1
    Which animal would you rather have?
    A Cat which is plenty smart
    A incessantly screeching Owl who is extremely loyal
    A phoenix whose tears can heal
    A croaking toad
    A proud but beautiful Hippogriff
  • 2
    Your friend gets dragged down he Whomping Willow by a vicious, snarling dog. Which teacher do you run to get?
    Professor McGonagall
    Professor Flitwick
    Professor Dumbledore
    Professor Sprout
    Professor Snape
  • 3
    Which is your favorite subject?
    Care of Magical Creatures
    Defense Against the Dark Arts
  • 4
    You have just been stunned by the most evil wizard on earth, but he thinks you are dead. What will you do?
    Challenge him to a duel
    Whip out my wand when that oaf is not looking and Avada Kedevra him.
    Stand up and look at him in the eye and tell him that his time is up
    Sit up and beg for mercy
    Remain still as though you were dead then jump out at the most dramatic moment to save someone.
  • 5
    The Yule ball is coming up! What would you wear?
    A pink, lacy gown that causes everyone's jaw to drop
    Midnight blue robes and a benign smile
    Whatever that matches my partner's clothes
    Anything, maybe even radish earrings
    A stiff, black robe that Mum forced me to wear
  • 6
    You forget to do Professor Snape's homework and he might turn you into a cockroach if you didn't hand it in by today. What will you do?
    Tell Professor Snape and volunteer to clean up his dungeons for a month.
    Tell Professor Snape. Honesty is the best policy.
    Scribble nonsense and hand it up. You'd rather get a 0 than get turned into a roach
    Shrug and make up an excuse. Professor Snape wouldn't scold you, anyway!
    Last resort- copying from my best friend, who likely gets it wrong as well
  • 7
    Your broom goes berserk as you are 50 feet in the air, playing Quidditch. What will you do?
    Instantly perform a sticking charm on your broomsticks and gloves. That way you won't fall off.
    Scream and attract attention for someone to please save you
    Tell my team members to circle under me, then drop from my broom into their hands.
    Shrug. You won't die anyway.
    What do you mean? I CAN'T PLAY QUIDDICTH! A hippogriff broke my arm.
  • 8
    You really, really hate Divination but you have to attend it this afternoon. What would you do?
    Excuse me, I love Divination! Of course I will go! Trelawney is really nice!
    Er...I won't get into trouble. I'd better go.
    Skive off. Who cares, I got more important things to do.
    Grades matter most! I must go! I MUST!
    March up to Trelawney and tell her to her face that she's a fraud, then quit Divination
  • 9
    Your enemy just insulted your best friend. What would you do?
    Whip out my wand and curse my enemy to have 7 years of rotten luck.
    Leave your best friend to fight it out. She or he needs to learn how to stand up for himself or herself.
    Tell your best friend to ignore that prig.
    Walk up to your enemy and slap him in the face and threatening him or her.
    Report my enemy to his of her had of house.
  • 10
    Which house would you rather belong to?
    I am a squib/muggle/ I am not in Hogwarts, sadly.

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