Are you Obese, fat, normal, skinny, or anorexic? (For girls 11-16)

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What type of body weight are you! Look... This ain't accurate, so don't believe in this test to give you the answer you're looking for. Be honest!

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    What do your friends say about you're current weight? They say...
    I'm skinny, and could possibly add more weight if wanted too.
    Normal! Good to go, but could always go to the gym once in a while.
    Obese/super obese, and needs medical attention soon!
    Chubby/fat, and needs more exercise or something.
    I'm anorexic, and need to add a lot/some pounds.
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    Are you happy about your current weight at all?
    Yes! I'm normal as-can-be. I exercise well and have a few snacks once in a while.
    No! I need to lose weight fast! I'm obese/ super obese! I need HELP!
    Meh/ not really... I'm a fatty a bit. Could lose more weight.
    A little/some-what happy I guess... I mean, I am skinny but could use some/ a little more weight.
    No... I'm super skinny and/or afraid of eating too much, and/or dying!
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    Have you ever gotten a negative comment about your weight?
    I think so... But I think they were just jealous. It hurt a bit.
    Nope! I am normal, so I guess I don't have to worry. (Maybe...)
    Yes, people have said I was fat and could lose a BUNCH of fat!
    Yes, they said I was skinnier than anything else in the world.
    Totally! I've gotten 1-10+ rude comments in a week/day!
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    How many meals do you usually have a day? (Average amount, and not including deserts or snacks)
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    How much do you exercise a week? (7 days, not including P.E.)
    Enough to see my ribs... 2-4+ hours.
    More than I need too, like... 2-7+ hours!
    Not much, I sweat barrels... 0-1 hours...sadly... (or none)
    Never really. I do no hours! ):
    Good, I think... 1-3 hours
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    Pick an emotion for the way how you would look at your stomach...
    :( or >:(
    :) / ^-^
    -_- or:|
    O.O or O_O
    O_o or o-o
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    When you eat, do you ever gain at least 1 pound?
    Yes, but it only makes my gut stick out a bit, making me gain 1-2+ pounds.
    Rarely ever! It takes me a pretty good meal to make me gain a pound or more.
    Nope, still the same... skinny to the bone.
    Yes! I usually gain 1-3+ pounds each night eating a dinner that makes me full!
    OF COURSE! I ALWAYS GAIN FAT! *sobs* (1-5+ pounds)
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    Can you run fast?
    Yes, I can. I run whenever I need/want too.
    I can pretty well, but I still can lose my breath a bit.
    No... I'm too boney.
    NOPE! I have to have a wheelchair for that to happen!
    Not well. I lose my breath too well. (PICK THIS ONE IF HAVE ASTHMA)
  • 9
    Can you at least stand up on your feet!
    Yeah...? I can...
    Yes, but my calves I can't see at all... and I sometimes need to lean on something.
    Nope! I'm on a wheelchair...
    A bit yes, I can walk. But it takes some-what effort.
    Well of course! I'm normal.
  • 10
    What is you're BMI?
    Obese / Very Obese.
    I'm skinny... Underweight possibly.
    Underweight. Very. Underweight.
  • 11
    Does your family ever say something about your weight? If yes; they say...
    Am good, but could add some weight.
    Normal, but would need to keep exercising like usual.
    Are setting up an appointment sometime soon, and will get me to a doctor. I need to lose lots of weight, too!
    I should gain a lot more weight, and need to go to doctor.
    A bit on the overweight/fat side. Needs to exercise more.
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    LAST QUESTION!:3 Okay, so... Are you planning to change your weight?
    Totally! I'm obese /super obese.
    Yeah, I guess I'll have to add a little more weight.
    Not really... I mean, I feel like I'm at a good weight.
    Yeah, I need to lose more weight since I'm fat.
    Yes! I'm going to add more pounds! A LOT OF THEM!

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Serenity ( 19.68 )
Posted 6 days ago
I'm 5 3 and weigh 164 and am 12 years old. People call me fat. I try to lose weight by playing softball almost everyday. The test says normal but I say fat. Am I fat?
cb ( 43.54 )
Posted 13 days ago
This test is made extremely poorly. Many grammar mistakes and cheap language. As soon as I reached the 'emoji' part, it was far too obvious to me that this 'test' is no more legit than a killer clown purge. Don't listen to this trash, instead go on another page and test your BMI for actual results.
Sarah ( 5.172 )
Posted 13 days ago
On my last comment I meant feel not fell.
Sarah ( 5.172 )
Posted 13 days ago
I'm 14 5'0 and 95 am I normal because even though all my friends say i'm skinny I don't fell like I am.
Pai ( 8.238 )
Posted 16 days ago
Everyone that is feeling suicidle please don't! This quiz us inaccurate and you are beautiful!
Julia ( 63.10 )
Posted 17 days ago
They say I am normal but it's not true lol I am fat and I need to lose 4 killos, i weight 53 kilos and my height is 157.
minny ( 48.16 )
Posted 19 days ago
yeah youre normal, im talking to the person under me
hey ( 32.76 )
Posted 21 days ago
im 13, 5'4, and 120 am i normal????
Butt ( 5.185 )
Posted 22 days ago
No matter what size, everyone is beautiful, get this fat shaming [BEEP] outta here.
xiBlueberri ( 32.43 )
Posted 25 days ago
I knew it, im fat ;-; I mean im skinny but i feel fat and dis quiz proved it
Mrsmadtiger ( 7.161 )
Posted 26 days ago
😐 ( 4.177 )
Posted 27 days ago
Yea ima go kill myself now bc my self esteem is now in the negatives...
Alex ( 6.163 )
Posted 29 days ago
I got fat. I knew it. I only ate one chip today. Ugh, I hate my body so much!!
Jenna ( 0.173 )
Posted 30 days ago
Im 16, 5'3 and 100 pounds (well 98). I used to be chubby as a kid and everyone tells me im super skinny but I still see that chubby kid (well not fat I was 112 pounds)
Daisy ( 5.101 )
Posted 30 days ago
Im 11 years old, 5'4 in height 6-7 in shoes and i weigh 160. Please help ever day I'm suffering thoughts of suicide. I hate going out shopping to see people staring at me like I'm some sort of obese monster. This test has made me worse. How could you say "fat, very obese, help i need meds" do you know how wrong that is? I have to take meds to stop me from getting DIABETES!! i hate my life. Im fat, ugly and pathetic. Every week I have to go through social workers judging my weight saying they'll take me from my family because of my weight. Im always at the 😭
MamaM ( 1.156 )
Posted 36 days ago
What the HELL is wrong with you people? A fat shaming test for 11-16 year olds????? At that age size is the least important thing in a person's life. We should be telling 11-16 year olds to eat healthy and if their body is larger or smaller it doesn't matter. HEALTH is what matters.
Margaz ( 172.3 )
Posted 37 days ago
I've always struggled with body image and confidence and in May i decided that i was going to change . I started doing a lot more exercise and went on a strict diet ( that i don't advise to anyone ) and now , 5 months later , i'm 10kgs lighter ( 22lb ) and 14 kgs lighter (30lb) since the beggining of the year . I used to think that if i got skinnier i would love myself , now i see that i was wrong , now that i have the body that i once wanted and envied , i still think i have a little too much weight , it's like i'm never happy with it ; people who are close to me , mainly my family tells me i'm too skinny now and that i should stop dieting , my mom is even going to make me go see a doctor . I'm not going to lie , it has become a little obcession over the calories and killos , " maybe i shouldn't eat that much ( even if it's little) because i'm not going to be able to burn the calories " is on my head 24/7 , it sounds bad but i'm very self-concious about all of this and above all , i'm aware that i lose much more it'll become a problem but because i'm still learining to love myself , i'm always making sure i'm still healthy . I decided to write this because i saw comments about people's weight and let me tell you that you're 11 or 12 ( the mojority of them ) don't stress too much about it , you're still growing and your body is going to change and for those who're older and are concern about their weight , make an appointement with a nutricionist and if you want to change , ask them to make a meals and exercise plan . I didn't do that but i should have because i don't know if , probably yes , i'm going to have health problems because of it ( i haven't ate any pasta , rice or potatos , any kind of sweet or anything that is fried in 5 months and that made me loose apettite , for example i don't remember the taste of it and i have no desire for it , it kinda of sucks and it's UNHEALTHY ) . So , please go see a doctor if you're having doubts or questions about your body and weight and make sure you are followed by a doctor through the process if you decide to change ! And please , don't put your health in danger because what you have now is not what you want .
Liz ( 9.105 )
Posted 38 days ago
This quiz is inaccurate 👎
allmyfriendsareheathensdrarry ( 8.218 )
Posted 38 days ago
TAKE THIS DOWN! TAKE IT DOWN RIGHT [BEEP] NOW. I got skinny but I feel so fat. It could drive people to self harm or in worse cases commit suicide. I feel so [BEEP]ty rn
Sarah ( 09.91 )
Posted 40 days ago
I am 11 and 5'3 I weigh 103 pounds am I fat