Are you Obese, fat, normal, skinny, or anorexic? (For girls 11-16)

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What type of body weight are you! Look... This ain't accurate, so don't believe in this test to give you the answer you're looking for. Be honest!

  • 1
    What do your friends say about you're current weight? They say...
  • 2
    Are you happy about your current weight at all?
  • 3
    Have you ever gotten a negative comment about your weight?
  • 4
    How many meals do you usually have a day? (Average amount, and not including deserts or snacks)
  • 5
    How much do you exercise a week? (7 days, not including P.E.)
  • 6
    Pick an emotion for the way how you would look at your stomach...
  • 7
    When you eat, do you ever gain at least 1 pound?
  • 8
    Can you run fast?
  • 9
    Can you at least stand up on your feet!
  • 10
    What is you're BMI?
  • 11
    Does your family ever say something about your weight? If yes; they say...
  • 12
    LAST QUESTION!:3 Okay, so... Are you planning to change your weight?

Comments (399)


Oh (40433)
19 days ago
I am 11 years old. I am 5’2 and weigh 110 pounds. I feel fat but the test says that I am 50% normal. I think I am fat. I don’t know why though. I dance and play volleyball. I also exercise every day on my own.
Esme (22064)
19 days ago
I’m female, 5’3” and I weigh around 160 lbs giving me a BMI if 29 (making me overweight 😭) my result was fat and it was right. Oh well I’ll just go binge eat some more 😭😭😭
Reassuring (25253)
21 days ago
Some Person, it must be great to know ur not overweight! But I do hope u aren't starving yourself in purpose to stay skinny! It's awesome that the doctor says ur healthy. That typically wraps it all up. But if ur still worried, try to find a sport or physical activity u enjoy. Maybe that will help.
24 days ago
im 14 and 4'11 im skinny.......i guess its cause i dont eat much..........but i NEVER do any type of excerise like at all..........i have an F in PE soo.............i dont think thats good but the doc says im healthy soo idk :/
Reassuring (25253)
25 days ago
Vanessa, I have taken a measuring according to your weight and height. It says u r good, but it u gain any more weight, that will be unhealthy. But remember, as girls reach their teenage years, they start to gain more weight and look a tad fatter than usual. U r just becoming a teenager, and this is a very confusing time. Just eat healthy and exercise every day. Jesus loves u, so don't lose hope! Ur ok!
Vanessa (78534)
25 days ago
I'm 11 years old 5 foot and I'm 110 pounds. My family says that I'm fat and so do kids at school. The doc says I'm fine what do you think??
Fried tentacles (07939)
27 days ago
yummmmm toessss
Reassuring (13689)
27 days ago
Once again, none of u girls r fat. I promise I read each one carefully, and I'm not just saying this to make u feel better. Stay strong. Don't let anyone get u down.
Sara (45938)
28 days ago
Im 15 and I am 150 pounds is that normal it is right? It says Im fat i Think Im skinny actualy
Leilany (33102)
29 days ago
I'm 11 and 100 pounds and I feel I'm normal but I got 42% Skinny and I could add some more weight... But it's whatever cause i love my bodyand feel that I fitin with the girls in my 6th grade class.
julianah (05394)
29 days ago
i’m 11 years old i’m 5 ft tall and i’m 115 pounds and i’m overweight im not fat but i️ am supposed to lose 10 pounds i’m so ashamed
Kaitlyn (82803)
29 days ago
It says I got 75% skinny. I'm 76.4 pounds at 4'8/4'9.... is that ok and everything?
Lizzie (15191)
30 days ago
11yrs old 25kg. Is that worrying
Panda (15191)
30 days ago
I got 100% anorexic
Sydney (33780)
31 days ago
I'm profile a/skinny
Reassuring (25253)
33 days ago
Girls, u cannot let anyone tell u who u r. ANYONE. I realize this is a confusing stage of life. Every person on the planet goes through it. I have self-doubts too. But we need to push past these self doubts and know who we r. There is a quote that states, "To find out who u r, u need to forget who they told u to be."
I love that quote. So do u think u can forget what other people think and tell u? I know it's hard, so very hard. I struggle with it every day. But please, I won't let U struggle, too. We don't live very long. Humans don't live that long. So we need to live life to the full. If someone tells u that u r fat or skinny, say. "U r not the one that tells me who I am."
Only God has the right to tell u who u r. And guess what? He lets us find out for ourselves! There is another quote that says, "It hurts to let go. But sometimes it hurts even more to hold on."
Stop holding on. I swear, u will feel so free. Freedom is priceless. Every human has a free spirit inside of us, like a wild stallion thar snorts and stamps. Most people put bits and bridles on their stallion and rein him in. I did this for so long. Then one day, I took off the bridle. I was free. My stallion can now extend his neck and shake his mane, wild how he is meant to be. U r meant to be free. So please, I'm begging u, forget who they tell u u r. Let go. U will be free.
Learntoloveyourself (71317)
33 days ago
I’m 12 and 4,10 I’m currently 78 pounds/35 kg I think that’s not normal and I’m skinny but I think my legs r fat
loveyourself (53000)
33 days ago
my friends call me fat but i love my body, i can agree that i could lose a little wight but i dance for 3 days a week for 4 hours a day. if any of you girls/boys don't think that you are good enough just love your body and be proud of your self. if you don't feel comfortable in your body do something to make a change.
hhhhhh (05394)
34 days ago
i’m 150 pounds and i’m 12 i’m 5’3 so i️ think i’m fine i️ only took this test because my friends call me fat i️ think i’m pretty skinny actually and they’re just jealous that i’m bigger than them and that i️ fit into big girl clothes and if i’m overweight i️ am proud because i️ like my body and want to gain even more weight
Ryann Beyer (41248)
36 days ago
It says I'm 75% fat. People always say I'm fine. I'm 12 years old, I'm 5 ft tall and 138 pounds, that isn't very fat. I Play softball and I am very popular