Are you Obese, fat, normal, skinny, or anorexic? (For girls 11-16)

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What type of body weight are you! Look... This ain't accurate, so don't believe in this test to give you the answer you're looking for. Be honest!

  • 1
    What do your friends say about you're current weight? They say...
  • 2
    Are you happy about your current weight at all?
  • 3
    Have you ever gotten a negative comment about your weight?
  • 4
    How many meals do you usually have a day? (Average amount, and not including deserts or snacks)
  • 5
    How much do you exercise a week? (7 days, not including P.E.)
  • 6
    Pick an emotion for the way how you would look at your stomach...
  • 7
    When you eat, do you ever gain at least 1 pound?
  • 8
    Can you run fast?
  • 9
    Can you at least stand up on your feet!
  • 10
    What is you're BMI?
  • 11
    Does your family ever say something about your weight? If yes; they say...
  • 12
    LAST QUESTION!:3 Okay, so... Are you planning to change your weight?

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Amber Y (01431)
15 days ago
I am about 64 pounds but all I can say Is, you are what you are and you be what you want to be, whatever weight you are :)
... (72155)
15 days ago
I’m kinda a normal weight, kinda on the chubby side though • - • . I wanted to know if anyone had any tips to get thinner! I don’t exercise much but I do dance! Cya guys at the gym! XD
Fat (55540)
15 days ago
I’m 55 pounds and 5 feet am I too fat
Tiffany (97290)
17 days ago
My name is tiffany and am 12 and i am 4'11 and i weight 65kg and i am overweight it makes me sad because kids at school tell jokes and say stuff and they like tell me stuff but they dont realize it hurts my feelings and when i run i get shortly out of breathe and i feel sad and sometimes i wanna hurt myself because i am fat :(.
nayaleena zukiello (05394)
18 days ago
i’m confident in my body image even though i may be a few pounds overweight i don’t care i am 5 feet tall and 120 pounds and i don’t care
ella-ray (05394)
18 days ago
my name is ella-ray and i go by ella. my favorite thing to do is take the fat quizzes to prove to myself that i am thin because i have self esteem problems and my mother is helpings me deal with it which is why i took this quiz but i’m healthy so yay
Ali Crokerdsmill (05394)
18 days ago
i’m oddly skinny and my friends are so jealous some how my doctor says i’m not underweight but i think that’s hard to believe because i’m 50 pounds and 4ft 5in tall i’m 9 years old and i’m really short for my age and i’m really tiny
Koriah Kormikson (05394)
18 days ago
my name is koriah kormikson and i’m 12 years old i’m 60 pounds and 4 feet 7 inches tall i’m short and gskinny for my age but my doctor says i’m ok i like to eat a lot of salad and meats at dinner and i always avoid the starch (pasta, rice, potatoes, etc.) and the fried food everyone in my house is really thin and we rarely eat any ice cream or cake or anything like that and the only snacks we have are nuts, raisins, whole grain crackers, and fruits like bananas, apples, oranges, and pears (my favorite) overall we are a very healthy family with very skinny people
klaire johnson (05394)
18 days ago
i’m underweight and wear size 8 clothes and i’m 11 my parents only feed us salads and steaks and we are all very skinny in my house i’m 5ft tall and 87lbs we are very active and healthy sry rylie and i hope ur family gets healthy soon
rylie rimbelo (05394)
18 days ago
i’m italian and we eat a lot of pizza and pasta in my family my parents are overweight and have diabetes and i’m 5 ft 5 in and 150 lbs and i have high cholesterol and blood pressure with a huge fluffy belly everyone in my family is overweight because pizza and pasta everyday is really fattening and unhealthy and i’m just very worried for myself and everyone in my family especially my grandfather who’s 70 and 300 lbs and very unhealthy he smokes cigars and eats a ton of starch and fried food and is doing very badly my family is in danger and we need to get healthy
zoey synderman (05394)
18 days ago
im 70 pounds 5 feet tall and really skinny i think i’m underweight because everyone in my grade seems so fat to me
julliana porvello (05394)
18 days ago
i’ve been gaining quite a few pounds lately and ive been getting pretty soft and chubby i really want to be fat but i know everyone especially my parents and doctors will judge me so i get nervous and stressed out because it’s hard to eat healthy because i love eating the medium can of pringles everyday after school because it’s just become a habit that my mom gets it for me everyday after school which i love also i hate my school lunch so i end up eating two heapingss plates of pasta with parmesan cheese which is all starch and is really unhealthy i don’t think my mom realizes how unhealthy i am and i just get really nervous because i’m 5 ft 1.5in and i’m 150 pounds with a soft round chubby belly that sticks out of my shirts and bulging jiggly thighs that are so nasty also i love eating eggo mini pancakes everyday for breakfast and at dinner i always ending up eating majority of potatoes and pasta with is all starch with lots of butter which is so fattening and i just eat until i’m stuff d and bloated i basically just eat a ton of starch everyday and overeat it too and then i don’t even exceed use i always am getting worried what my parents and doctors will say and it stresses me out so much causing me to fill up on candy!!! ugh i’m such a wreck these days
ariana (70494)
19 days ago
its ok if ur fat or not ur good the way u are
Vanessa (44069)
20 days ago
Hi I am 10 years old.I feel super fat i weigh 83 pounds and is 4,8 ft am i fat the doctor said i am skinny but i don't believe him please tell me something :(
Vanessa (44069)
20 days ago
Shh that is very healthy :)
Vanessa (44069)
20 days ago
I feel super fat i weigh 83 pounds and is 4,8 ft am i fat the doctor said i am skinny but i don't believe himbplease tell me something :(
Shh (13657)
21 days ago
I am
13 (almost 14)
5’ 7”
104 lb.
BMI - 16.4

Do you think that is healthy?
Dani (13657)
21 days ago
Hey “elia” I just wanted to tell you that we are exactly the same weight, height, and BMI. I’m 13 years old going on 14 and you should not be upset with you’re weight because that is very good. What sport do you do?you are not fat, I promise. Even though I don’t know you, we are litterally the exact same body type
elia (77887)
21 days ago
my bmi is 16.5 but i feel really fat and im annoyed
im 5'7 104 pounds and 12 years old
hdjhfjhdjh yep
Unknown (70317)
22 days ago
Im 18 tall 150 maybe and my weight is still same 57😢