Are you Obese, fat, normal, skinny, or anorexic? (For girls 11-16)

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What type of body weight are you! Look... This ain't accurate, so don't believe in this test to give you the answer you're looking for. Be honest!

  • 1
    What do your friends say about you're current weight? They say...
  • 2
    Are you happy about your current weight at all?
  • 3
    Have you ever gotten a negative comment about your weight?
  • 4
    How many meals do you usually have a day? (Average amount, and not including deserts or snacks)
  • 5
    How much do you exercise a week? (7 days, not including P.E.)
  • 6
    Pick an emotion for the way how you would look at your stomach...
  • 7
    When you eat, do you ever gain at least 1 pound?
  • 8
    Can you run fast?
  • 9
    Can you at least stand up on your feet!
  • 10
    What is you're BMI?
  • 11
    Does your family ever say something about your weight? If yes; they say...
  • 12
    LAST QUESTION!:3 Okay, so... Are you planning to change your weight?

Comments (399)


Hey (45108)
23 days ago
mine is EVERYTHING (apart from Veg) lol
Hey (45108)
23 days ago
What is everyone's favourite meal?
Emma (72485)
23 days ago
I do not have to ADD pounds!!!
Gowri (28335)
23 days ago
Hi I'm 5 feet 8 inches and I weigh 67 I fat??
Vanessa (71342)
23 days ago
Hi, I'm 12 and I'm around 5ft and 120. Is that normal.
insecure (63976)
23 days ago
Ok so i probably should have added a comment after eat l0l
insecure (63976)
23 days ago
When i was in sixth grade i weighed 115 at the start and ended at 130 over the summer i lost ten pounds then continued to lose pounds im 5 foot 4 120 pounds but i still feel fat my stomach is nearly flat but im still stuck in the same mindset of my previous fat self and alot of the time i dont eat my mom and friends say im fine but i dont believe them.
MOLLY (36044)
23 days ago
Sorry got that wrong I’m 150 lbs
Molly (36044)
23 days ago
Also I’m round about 450 pounds
Molly (36044)
23 days ago
am I fat I’m 9 11 stone and got 6 fat rolls and my belly rests a little on my lap when I sit but I don’t know what cup size I am and I have not yet hit pupaty sorry can’t spell well and my 💗 hang a little but I don’t have 💗 yet :/ plz help
I%u2019m here (34469)
23 days ago
Dear Emma don’t worry your not fat I’m the same as you but way heavier hahhah lol
I’m here (34469)
23 days ago
I’m 13 and 160pounds 5feet6 is that fat? I also fit into a size 14
Bikini bridge (55540)
24 days ago
I have been super skinny all my life, to the extent that I can literally wrap my hands around my waist. I’m 12 and I weigh 78 pounds and I’m 5 feet tall. All my bones stick out
Emma (00293)
24 days ago
Im 13 years old 5'6 and weigh about 135 pounds. I want to lose weight mostly in my thigh and chest area, and stomach of course. I mean im chubby mostly normal but im going a vacation this week and starting to feel a bit self conscious lol, i plan to do a lot of swimming there so hopefully i get a bit into shape. I used to be in speed swimming but then woman hood kicked me in the butt so I quit, but i loved it i just didnt like tampons. I havent swimmed in a while so i hope i can still go fast😅
Hi (39951)
24 days ago
I’m 10 almost 11 and I’m 116 pounds 5’0 this test says I’m normal and so does the BMI calculator but I have a HUGE stomach and all my friends are lighter than me and taller than me I want to be 80 pounds any tips ?
Loki’sDaughterInTheMCU (44258)
24 days ago
Dear I don’t know girl,
I’m 12 and 110 too! It might be your body shape, but it’s normal weight for our age I believe. I’m five feet and 110 pounds, so it depends on your height and body shape. Mostly height though.
I got normal weight on the test (thank goodness) but I’d like to lose some weight. Maybe five to six even pounds. I’ll replace the excess weight with muscle. I’ll be super strong and fit!
Rachel (08326)
24 days ago
I’m 14 and I’m 5.5. I’m 18 stones sizes 20 to 22 in tops. My belly sticks out and I’m obese, my belly wobble like jelly. My belly goes out and down so it quite big have 4 rolls of fat. I been fat all my life. I couldn’t fit in normal size clothes for my age. I try different sizes tops to see how much they can’t fit me, one time I fit on a botton top on and the botton broke because My belly was too big. My family is 10 stones and I’m the younger and the fattest in my family. I know I’m obese and I can’t loose weight I wish but I can’t.
If you have any question please let me know and I will answer them thank you.
I don't know girl (25973)
25 days ago
I am 12 and 110 am I good or not

- I don't know girl
AShlee (28346)
25 days ago
I’m 11 and 86 am I good or no ?
Kacy (17699)
26 days ago
Whaaaa I'm 54 kg at 10