In what way do you think I like my crush?

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Dirty, or plain friendship?

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    To make a head start, which way do you REALLY think I like my beloved crush?
    Rose love, I mean like kissing and all that...
    Duh, everyone who has a crush thinks dirty.
    You have a crush on him a lot as a boyfriend but nothing bad.
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    Okay, this is a very sad part of my life, so let me tell you a story, in the beginning we had like so common interests and that's why I like him, and we talked almost everyday.
    So after a year, 3 months and a few days, our class was watching a movie and I stood up, ready to get a tissue, saying "I want milk..I love milk!" and after that he frowned at me saying, "Please be quiet.." and after the movie was finished I listened to what he was saying and then suddenly, again ._. "Please leave me alone, you talk to everybody."

    What did you think I did after that?
    So then I acted like I didn't care though my heart was broken.
    Hatred began, and I stopped the state of liking him.
    I ran into the bathroom and cried my head off.
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    A little while before that happened, (on Question 2), I was crying because (it stays secret..) my classmate asked "What's wrong?" and my crush looked at me too, and I replied "It's hard to explain," starting to laugh, thinking to myself I was a person who wouldn't ignore people while being sad, I mean those people who put their heads and and say "Leave me alone!" are completely different from me.
    The two people didn't understand what I was saying with my mouth covered under a tissue, so he came up to me from his desk and asked "What?" and I said as I explained on here, "It's hard to explain."

    Same question, what did you think I did after that?
    I kept on crying but I started to keep a little bit quieter, actually with a happy feeling.
    Reluctantly, I surrendered being sad and just jumped around joyfully.
    With a gay look on my face (not the guy gay, the happy gay) I kissed him and blushed after.
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    This question is going to be your opinion and please don't treat it as damaging your 'right' and 'wrong' answers, if you ever change your mind because of the artifacts of the next questions, feel free to reload it and take it again.

    If you are honest, please take it by the heart that I will thank you.
    "I'm so very sure that he likes you, I can't promise that he does, but 99%!" (your name) said.
    "He hates you like everybody else in this world, just live with it!" (your name) said. (Okay, I won't be upset if you press this, you don't have to think everybody else in this world hates me, but just say this is a 'he hates you' answer.
    "There's plenty of fish in the sea, hun, but he just doesn't seem to like you." (your name) said.
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    This is a playful question, so what do you think is going on in my mind right now?

    Anyway, please take this seriously.
    Pink, fluffy unicorns, dancing on rainbows!
    I really freaking hope people say my crush likes me on Question 5!
    Tanks, and army soldiers killing each other with machine guns, woot!
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    Pink, fluffy unicorns, danc-
    Oh sorry.
  • 7
    Oh, don't worry, I got the unicorn thing all covered.
    It almost annoyed you too much, eh?
    Are you going to ask anything yet?
    I had the creeps when I heard the unicorn song. (Me: Aww, so sorry!)
    I'm going to leave this quiz next time you make me run all around the room, covering my eyes from that horrible unicorn sentence! (Me: Please don't!)
  • 8
    If you picked 9 out of those numbers, you're lucky because you were correct!
    (Yeah, if you're stubborn enough to go back and change the question right..)
    Do you think this was a fun quiz?
    (I bet you can find the right answer just like that, just think mentally and take it easily.)
    You're taking this all too playfully.
    A really fun quiz, if I can say that!
    Boring, I knew better and funner quizzes.
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    Aww, I'm taking this all too easily?
    Or this quiz is boring?
    These are examples of answers you never want to get, so go back and change the answer now since you did last time!
    No you twerp, everyone can see what I clicked after I finish this quiz.
    I didn't do it last time. (Me: Fine, don't change it.)
    Okay then.
  • 10
    Remember everything I type on this question, because you'll never know what memory/playful questions are coming next.

    Becoming addicted?
    That's it, I'm leaving! (Me: BOO!) (You: Okay, I won't leave.)
    Yep, that's for sure.
    This answer is blank for a reason, find out why on the last answer!
  • 11
    So what was the last question?
    If you can't remember, for sure you can't answer the next memory question.
    (I am not playing around on this sentence, if you look back at the previous questions, giving you the answers to the questions 12 and 13, of course you will get all the answers right but not the game I'm creating in this quiz, and I only enabled the opportunity to list all the questions on one page so you quiz takers wouldn't have to struggle loading to each question to another.)
    Green, slimy frogs jumping and prancing n' canceling the show!
    I got you confused, right? 'knew you couldn't do it.
    "You've got it all wrong," said the pink doughnut, following the brown doughnut, comes the yellow, green, purple, and blue ones!
  • 12
    Memory time, so first what were some of the words on the question I told you to remember?
    As you said, I'm too dumb to memorize that.
    I got it all in my head! (Me: Answer it for me, will ya, this is a wrong answer so don't pick this!)
    You told me to remember!
  • 13
    What were the colors of the doughnuts that came along followed the blue doughnut after the pink doughnut said "You've got it all wrong!"
    Yellow, green, purple, and blue!
    This quiz is making me think too much! (Me: Select this wrong answer if you want to give you're brain a break.)
    Blue, yellow, orange, and brown.

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