Finding out if 'He' likes you back

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This is a quiz for fun! It is not 100% accurate but it could help!
(Made by experience from myself)

  • 1
    Do you guys talk?
    Sometimes. Very occasionally.
    Most of the time, whenever we can.
    We used to talk, but now we don't anymore.
    Only if he asks me something. (Homework answers, class schedule, borrow a pencil, etc)
    Not really. Or maybe never... I don't remember.
  • 2
    Be honest, has he ever stared at you?
    Not really. Only of someone mentions me to him or something.
    Maybe. . . And he might even look away when I catch him.
    Maybe. . . And he turns away quickly and I find him acting, well, different.
    Yes, and most of the time. It makes me feel like he's stalking me, but he's my crush!
    He doesn't really even know me, or who I am! But I wish he did.
  • 3
    Be honest, woman! Scaling from 1 to 10, do you thinks he likes you? TELL THE TRUTH LADY!
    0000000 Never in a million years:'( I'm not even a person in his world! I could me a plain old rock!
    7-8 Possibly, maybe. I hope so!
    4-6 I have no clue. This is why I'm taking this quiz!
    9-10 I really think so! I'm ALMOST sure of it!
    1-3 Ha, as if:-(
  • 4
    Have you talked on the phone or texted?
    Yeah, a lot actually!
    Never. Or not a lot. Or I'm just a plain old rock in his world!:'(
    Sometimes. We talk about random things like pets and people.
    I don't have a phone, but we would take on the phone maybe if I had one!
    We used to, but not anymore. I wish we still did!
  • 5
    Compared to your age, how much older is he then you?
    I don't know his age...
    3+ years older
    1 year older
    Same age!
    2 years older
  • 6
    What classes are you in together?
    None of them, or we don't go to the same school
    He's not even in the same grade as me!
    Rarely any classes together.
    All of them!
    Most of them.
  • 7
    What do you guys have in common?
    Rarely anything. . .
    Most things! Hair, facial and body features, hobbies, etc. . .
    Some things. . .
    Does both of us having 2 eyes and 1 nose and having feet, hands, and ears count?
  • 8
    Do you stalk him on the internet? Be honest! No need to lie. . .
    Fine, I admit that I do.
    Noooo. . . (looks away whistling)
    Pssshhhhhh, who's that immature? Not me!
    Possibly. . .
  • 9
    Is he single? Be honest...
    No. . . But I can change that. (smirk-smirk)
    Yes. . . (whistling again and looking away)
    Yes, but I don't know if he wants to date.
    Yes! Single and ready to mingle!
  • 10
    Last question! I don't want to be annoying, but how was my first quiz!
    I don't care. . .It was okay I guess
    I don't like it that much.

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