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The title should explain what I'm trying to do here.. so don't expect lyrics from Bohemian Rhapsody or We Will Rock You. This is the official lyrics quiz for some of Queen's deepest, most underrated tracks- so if you're not a HUGE Queen fan, good luck!

  • 1
    Which great early Queen track contains the lyrics, "Like a long Sunday School Cruise"?
    Modern Times Rock n' Roll
    Great King Rat
    Flick of the Wrist
  • 2
    Which 1980's Queen song contains the lyrics, "You used to be a mean kid"?
    Machines (Back to Humans)
    Cool Cat
    I Go Crazy
    Put Out the Fire
  • 3
    Where can the lyrics, "We bought a drum kit" be found?
    You Don't Fool Me
    Was It All Worth It
    Fun It
  • 4
    The lyrics, "Don't you know honey, that love's a game", can be found in which Queen gem?
    You and I
    Play the Game
    Mad the Swine
  • 5
    In which Queen song does Freddie sing, "There's an empty feeling that you can't forget"?
    The Prophet's Song
    Calling All Girls
    Who Needs You
  • 6
    Which lyrics did Queen's drummer Roger Taylor write?
    "Love is breathing still"
    "All I can do is surrender"
    "You'll get forgotten on the way"
    "Come to say hello"
  • 7
    Which of these lyrics are from Queen's last record released before Freddie's death, 'Innuendo'?
    "Gun in my pocket"
    "Deeper and deeper inside"
    "Mama said be careful"
    "I long for peace before I die"
  • 8
    Which originally unreleased Queen B-Side are the lyrics, "I can see you so clearly", from?
    Lost Opportunity
    A Human Body
    Soul Brother
    Feelings, Feelings
  • 9
    Which great Queen ll track are these lyrics from? "In sorrow known"
    White Queen (As It Began)
    Some Day One Day
    See What A Fool I've Been
  • 10
    Where can the lyrics, "I can't set you free from me", be found?
    Spread Your Wings
    In the Lap of the Gods... Revisited
    Dear Friends
    Good Company
  • 11
    Which of these lyrics come from the amazing Sheer Heart Attack track, "Lily of the Valley"?
    "I follow every course"
    "Enraging the folks on the lower floor"
    "You are so far away"
    "Return like the white dove"
  • 12
    Where can you find the lyrics, "I ain't crazy"?
    Back Chat
    I Go Crazy
    Crazy Little Thing Called Love
    Rock It (Prime Jive)
  • 13
    Where does Brian sing the lyrics, "I'm all tired of tears"?
    Leaving Home Ain't Easy
    She Makes Me (Stormtroopers in Stilettos)
    Good Company
    Sleeping on the Sidewalk
  • 14
    Which great early Queen love ballad are these lyrics from- "Go to sleep and dream again"?
    Funny How Love Is
    Dear Friends
    In the Lap of the Gods
    Teo Torriatte
  • 15
    Because I know I was pretty hard on you guys so far, here's a freebie, just so you can get at least one right.
    Which The Game track are these lyrics, "And another one gone, and another one gone", from?
    Save Me
    Crazy Little Thing Called Love
    Play the Game
    Another One Bites the Dust
  • 16
    Sure, that one was easy- but you definitely won't get this..
    Where are the lyrics, "Kinda thinking I've heard that line before" from?
    Body Language
    More of that Jazz
    Action This Day
    You and I
  • 17
    Which 'Miracle' bonus track are the lyrics, "Make some easy bread", from?
    Hijack My Heart
    Hang On In There
  • 18
    "Love is all you need" is just one great lyric from this amazing 1984 Freddie track. Which song am I thinking of?
    Is This the World We Created?
    Keep Passing the Open Windows
    It's a Hard Life
    Man on the Prowl
  • 19
    Which Queen track contains the lyrics, "c'est la vie mesdames et messieurs"?
    Seaside Rendezvous
    Las Palabras De Amor
    Teo Torriatte
  • 20
    Congratulations, you made it to the last question!
    Here's one more freebie...
    Where can you find the lyrics "People on streets- Ee da dee da day"?
    Under Pressure
    Radio Gaga
    Keep Yourself Alive
    Tie Your Mother Down

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