How do you feel about them?

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Get someone in mind and take this quiz to see how you feel about them.

  • 1
    You walk into the classroom and see s/he sat in the place next to yours. You...
    Scream with excitement and run to sit on his knee, licking his face.
    Shrug and go sit with them.
    Snap your pencil, burst into tears and break into a fit of laughter.
    Smile, internally thank god for making your wishes come true, and approach them. You try to look cool but get flustered and trip over your foot, OOPS!
    Groan with disgust.
  • 2
    You walk past them and they accidentally bump into you. You...
    Blush and smile, it's a great excuse to talk to him.
    Ask them to apologize then walk away.
    Flinch away at first then start a fight.
    Scream and run in the opposite direction.
    Wrap your arms around him and cry "It's destiny!"
  • 3
    S/he declares their love for you. You...
    Throw up on them. Purposefully.
    Carefully turn them down, you're not that into them.
    Tell them that you feel the same.
    Show them your wedding plans and the drawings you did of your future kids together.
    Start shaking and shouting random words.
  • 4
    S/he invites you to meet their partner/significant other/love/girlfriend/boyfriend/you know what I mean.You...
    Decline, you're not sure that you could do that and act like you are okay.
    Agree. It's a good way to meet someone new.
    Don't respond.
    Accept the offer. Their partner might have an 'accident' though. *evil laugh*
    Tell them that you'd rather die than hang out with them.
  • 5
    When talking to them you...
    Make indistinct sounds and pull a weird face.
    Refuse to talk about anything other than how sparkly his eyes are.
    Try and flirt a little, make the most of your time with them.
    Tape their mouth shut to make it bearable.
    Just enjoy the company.
  • 6
    S/he asks to tell you a secret. You...
    Start singing.
    Say okay, I don't mind.
    Promise them that they can trust you and feel honored that they are confiding in you.
    Already know them all from reading their texts and watching them constantly.
    Slap them.
  • 7
    When walking around, you see them crying. You...
    Tell them that their tears must fall only for you.
    Tell a joke to try and cheer them up.
    Laugh and walk away.
    Ask them what's wrong, you can't help but feel sad too. You hate seeing them like this and try to help them.
    Cry happy tears because you love seeing others hurt.
  • 8
    You get a text from them asking for your help but you yourself are busy. You...
    Decide that your stuff can wait. You ask where they are and go to help them.
    Tell them you won't help.
    Are already outside their house watching them, so...
    Apologize and tell them you have stuff to do.
    Ignore it.
  • 9
    I ask you to describe how you feel about this person. You say...
    I care about them and hope they care about me too.
    Don't speak of them in my presence.
    In the middle really.
  • 10
    You think this quiz is...
    Quizzical, he he.
    Cool. I really hope it helps me figure out how I feel.
    Amazing. It's the best. The best ever. I just don't want it to end.
    Okay, kinda.

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