Have you let go of The O.C yet?

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It's been 7 years since the end of The O.C, we all ought to be over it by now....but are you?
(You'll need to be a religious box-set watcher for this test)

  • 1
    By what questionable method does Marissa's comic book alter ego 'Cosmo Girl' get her powers?
    A radioactive bagel
    A magic hip flask
    A super cigarette
    An enchanted latte
  • 2
    What is the name of Zach's (made up) Italian girlfriend?
  • 3
    Johnny's best friend gives himself the nickname Chilly, which catches on incredibly successfully. But what is his real name?
  • 4
    Kaitlin returns from boarding school and she's in a bit of trouble. When Ryan confronts her about the stolen money she tells him that the money was for an abortion, but for whom?
    Her friend Gemma
    Her friend Megan
    Her friend Cloe
  • 5
    The Nana is a formidable woman, but what is her profession?
    Social worker
    Probation Officer
    Foster career
  • 6
    Despite his bad boy reputation Ryan doesn't have any tattoos. By the end, which members of the gang have got inked?
    Marissa and Seth
    Seth and Summer
    Summer and Marissa
  • 7
    When Taylor finds out her mom is going on a date with Summer's dad she gets a little over excited, even picking out which room in Summer's house will become her bedroom. But which room does she pick?
    She doesn't like any of them and suggests they move.
    Dr Robert's study
    Summer's room
    The Attic (which will have to be converted)
  • 8
    During the Anna-Seth-Summer love triangle there's a Charity event (of course) on Caleb's yacht. Seth takes Anna, so Summer spontaneously invites.....?
  • 9
    When Taylor develops a crush on Seth, he thinks they have nothing in common, But it turns out that they share a love for Asian cinema, which poster on Seth's wall prompt this discovery?
    Gokudo Japan
    The Flying Guillotine
    Yakuza Prep
  • 10
    When Julie reveals to Kaitlin their new home in the trailer park she tries to sell its good points, such as the colour which she describes as......?
    The same as the dress Angelina wore the Oscars
    Eggshell Cream
    The colour of an AM-EX card
    Tiffany Blue
  • 11
    Fortunately Marissa looked gorgeous on the runway at the charity fashion show, probably because Julie had insisted she wear stiletto shoes. What style of shoe had Marissa originally intended to wear?
  • 12
    The night of The SnO.C winter dance didn't go as planned for any of the gang, no-one had a date.
    Meanwhile Zach was at The Bait Shop getting some bad advice from Alex and drowning his sorrows with what.....?
    Root Beer
  • 13
    After his heart attack Caleb is making up for lost time with Lindsay, but she would like him to be friends with Ryan. After some nudging from Kirsten he gives in and tells Lindsay to invite Ryan over for a game of......?
    Mad Libs
  • 14
    Marissa has trouble fitting in on her first day at Newport Union, Casey points out that it might have something to do with her designer bag and necklace, so the next day she opts for a plan bag instead. What designer brand had she been wearing?
  • 15
    Music plays a huge part in The O.C, especially during funerals and deaths. So what song made the moment Trey got shot incredibly memorable?
    Hide and Seek - by Imogen Heap
    Hallelujah - by Jeff Buckley
    Stop Crying Your Heart Out - by Oasis
    Forever Young - by Alphaville

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