Does he love me, like me, or hate me quiz

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Many of us girls have wondered what certain people(boys!) have felt about us. Well this test is gonna clear things right up!

  • 1
    Does he speak to you?
    Yeah! All the time, I can't get away from him!
    Sometimes, but only when he's got no one to talk to
    Yup. But we talk about his girlfriend/crush/wife
    No. He doesn't know I exist
    Yes, we talk about how weird life is LOL
  • 2
    Does he look you in the eye when you speak?
    Yeah, he stares into them and blushes like crazy
    Yeah, but he looks like he's gonna kill me😰
    No, he's always looking at his crush/wife/girlfriend
    Yeah, but he does that with every one
  • 3
    Does he tease you?
    Sometimes, but it's mean and makes me cry
    Yes! He's all like, you're too beautiful
    Yeah, but it isn't flirting
    No, we don't like eachother
  • 4
    Let's say you're at lunch and you spill stuff on the table, the lunch lady gets mad and tells you to clean it up, what would he do?
    We don't know each other
    He would rush in and clean it up and then give me a kiss!
    He would keep on eating, CUS I DONT EXIST!
    He would chuckle and help me clean up
    He would glare at me until I got off my butt and cleaned it
  • 5
    Does he touch you regularly?
    Yah! We hug, hold hands, we walk with his arm around me
    No, we don't like each other
    Yes, but only to strangle me
    Yeah, but only to tap me on the shoulder
  • 6
    What do you talk about?
    Our next date, the names of our kids, etc...
    He talks about which weapon to kill me slowly and painfully with
    We don't know each other
    We talk about school, life, who we like
  • 7
    When you wake up in the morning, how do thoughts of him make you feel?
    They make me feel weird and excited to see him
    They make me feel giddy, but sad because we don't talk.
    They remind me that in his presence I only have days to live.
    They brighten my day, and make me feel happy
  • 8
    If you were to run up to him and kiss him, what would he do?
    He would probably push me away CUS. I. DONT.EXIST.TO.HIM!
    He would slit my throat with a bread knife.
    He would
    I guess he would kiss me back - maybe...
    Kiss me back, and carry me off into the sunset of course!
  • 9
    Do you think that you would need to make yourself pretty for him? And do not answer with what you think of yourself!
    No! He says I'm beautiful no matter what
    Even if I was covered in neon he wouldn't notice me.
    Yes, I would
    If I tried he would still hate me
  • 10
    Alright, be honest here, do you think you're pretty?
    I'm fine, but he hates me soooo much
    A little
    Yes! I'm gorgeous! He tells me all the time!
    Well, not really, but whenever I say that he denies it
    Clearly not enough so for him to notice me.
  • 11
    Does he appreciate what YOU have to say?
    Not really
    When I try to talk he threatens to cut out my vocal cords
    He WORSHIPS my opinion!
    Yeah, we listen to each other
    He's never heard my opinion
  • 12
    Does he compliment you?
    He wouldn't even if he saw me.
    The only compliment he gives is that he'll make my death quick
    Yeah, on my out fit or a drawing or piece of writing I've done
    Only on EVERYTHING!
  • 13
    Are you popular with other boys?
    Yes! But I belong to him!
    I suppose
    No... I'm scared of men now
    A few- but they are sychos!
    No, I don't talk much to boys
  • 14
    Do you think he likes you?
    Heck YES
    No, I'm not exactly sure
    Maybe, but I doubt it
  • 15
    Was this quiz helpful?
    It was, it got me thinking
    Yes. Very
    Yes! Totally!

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Jayla nana ( 9.242 )
Posted 3 days ago
he dosent know im real :s
Sophia ( 11.18 )
Posted 9 days ago
Ok so I was txting him and he asked me who I had a crush on. We made a deal that if I told him who I liked he would tell me who he liked. So, I told him and he liked me back, its been 3 months- going strong
sandra ( 97.58 )
Posted 10 days ago
We were close friends at first.when he found me that I had a crush
On him ,we are not friends anymore.he always neglects me.
Angela ( 9.238 )
Posted 19 days ago
This is based on the truth that if a man loves you he puts you before him. If you are sick, he will bring you food to make sure you eat. In bed makes sure you're pleased first, not him. It's is hard to tell sometimes, because you don't know if he would do that for anyone or just you and his kids (if he has any). I've come to realize a man that puts you before him does love you. I have been in enough situations where men have said I love you but not showed it, I've been told but never felt it. So I appreciate it when he does show it and not say it. Because if he didn't have feelings for you he wouldn't want to see you and spend time with you. One of the biggest clues... he puts you and your safety before his own. If driving and he stops suddenly, he puts his arm out to protect you and if you're snorkeling in the Caribbean he stays close to you and if you're out of breath he makes you hold on to him and makes sure. You're okay. That is a man that loves you without a doubt... he may have a hard time vocalizing it and maybe was hurt once or several times so he would rather show you. Don't be in a hurry to move in, be your own person and support your self, be happy on your own and strong in order to be happy with someone else.
Dnapriya ( 32.28 )
Posted 25 days ago
it doesn't work at all
Roro ( 44.19 )
Posted 35 days ago
there is a boy i have been 1 year and i have Crush on him but i he got a girlfriend too but he says he talks to me only when he's got no one to talk to and when he is bored😢sometimes i doubt that he loves me he share his all feelings & secret with me .i just love that guy ..his name starts with N and end with N.
Kizzy ( 6.251 )
Posted 97 days ago
There's a boy, who loves rugby, he's kind to everyone. He's touched me once, and is funny, his name starts with c, and ends with n, his friends talk to me but not that much. I panic a bit TOO much when he touches me some of my friends like him, (FOR A FRIEND) and it's a bit awkward... but my friend likes him too. Two of them do actually. HELP! Dose this boy like me? And is it going to end up nicely with my friends and this boy?
swaati ( 6.191 )
Posted 106 days ago
he is not my bf but he is my crush and I think I m his crush tooooooooo.... he like me.... he flirts vid me.. hold my hand... he is not my bf... but my bff...He is ________
Somaya ( 8.252 )
Posted 110 days ago
My sister tell me he love you and I don't think so because he tell me he have many girls and he love them and he don't love me and I love him 😢😢😢😢 I don't know what to do
Hm 😞 ( 3.107 )
Posted 113 days ago
I love this boy soooo much 😞 But I don't think he likes me! Help! 😢 G. why can't you see that I love you? 💔
LS1117 ( 4.186 )
Posted 120 days ago
I don't know what to do, when we argue about anything, he takes every thing I say as a personal attack. Ithe is like he is being over defensive and makes we worry. Even worse he always refuses to talk it out, tells me to go [BEEP] myself and constantly let's me know how miserable I make him. He is very social and I find myself fighting with my jealousy because mostly his friends tend to be females. Should I be jealous or am I just being too possessive? Help.......
Passing by ( 13.82 )
Posted 128 days ago
l:am I pretty? Boy:no Girl:do you want me in your life? Boy:no Girl: will you cry if I walk away? Boy:no The girl walks away hurt with tears running down her eyes when the boy grabs her arm. Boy: your nor pretty your beautiful, I need you in my life, I would DIE if you walked away, will you stay with me? Girl:yes At midnight your crush will realize he loves you. Post this on 10 other quizzes and your crush will like you but if not you will have bad luck and relationship problems
vaishali ( 7.123 )
Posted 148 days ago
i love him but i don't he does or not he told me that he loves someone else but sometimes i doubt that he loves me he share his all feelings & secret with me
isabelle ( 9.195 )
Posted 150 days ago
I kind of hate him but I love him
he has to love me
gabla ( 06.24 )
Posted 157 days ago
boys will always be boys
789savcrazygirl ( 3.125 )
Posted 172 days ago
I love him and he know it, this quiz was helpful he stares a lot but he refers to me as annoying I see him in to weeks, ima oplay hard to get than he'll feel bad for giving me the cold shoulder a and saying that he exepted the break in our friendship although it was unfortunate.
Pretty ( 4.250 )
Posted 173 days ago
Wow !!! He loves me according to the results of this quiz..... I am waiting for his proposal...:)
Chocomonster707 ( 8.113 )
Posted 177 days ago
Omg at least I'm safe😨
Idk ( 48.53 )
Posted 178 days ago
I just want to be single, but I take it anyway 😂😊
Isabell ( 48.53 )
Posted 178 days ago
I'm not interested in any body. I just take this test