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Review for Final

  • 1
    Which of the following pieces of evidence would be more probative in associating the defendant to the victim in a murder trial?
    A bloodstain found on the defendant's jacket that subsequently matches the victims DNA profile.
    Eyewitness testimony of a neighbor who saw someone matching the defendant's build at the scene.
    A hair found on the defendant's jacket that is similar to those of the victim's dog.
    A fiber found on the defendant's jacket when he was arrested that is similar to those from the carpet at the crime scene.
  • 2
    Which of the following would be considered a known sample?
    Unburned carpet from an arson scene.
    Buccal swabs from the suspect.
    Hair from the crime scene.
  • 3
    You arrive at the scene of a homicide and see a blood-soaked shirt on the floor. Once it is properly documented, which of the following containers should you place it in for transportation to the crime lab?
    A sealed paint can.
    A sealed plastic bag.
    A paper bag.
    The trunk of a police car.
  • 4
    The forensic practitioner's sole obligation is to serve the aims of _____________________.
    The prosecutor.
    The legal system.
    Their agency.
  • 5
    Which of the following is a major task that the first responder must be concerned with?
    Contacting their supervisor to apprise them of the situation.
    Calling for back-up.
    Arresting the suspect.
    Protecting the crime scene.
  • 6
    This principle is associated with processing crime scenes and is often summarized as "every
    contact leaves a trace?"
    Bertillion's Principle.
    Trace Evidence Principle.
    Lacassagne's Principle.
    Locard’s Exchange Principle.
  • 7
    When is it appropriate for the first responding officer to move a piece of evidence?
    If the crime is serious such as a homicide.
    When the evidence is a gun.
    When he is charged with the responsibility of processing the scene for physical evidence. Correct
    Only when the scene is secured.
  • 8
    The position of __________ and ____________ may reveal the direction of the shot and
    possibly the location of the assailant:
    Bullets, firearms.
    Cartridge cases, fibers.
    Bullets, cartridge cases.
    Bullets, fingerprints.
  • 9
    The notion of _________________ in criminal investigations is a key factor to the solution of
    the case.
  • 10
    Which of the following can be a benefit of doing a complete and thorough investigation?
    A victim can find closure
    A confession can be substantiated
    The guilty are punished
    The case can be closed
  • 11
    What important lesson can be learned from the O.J. Simpson trial?
    Detectives must never consider economic status of the suspect when undertaking a criminal investigation.
    Only the most experienced personnel should be used in high profile cases.
    CSI's must never make mistakes or the trial can be easily lost.
    Appearance and perception, as well as the ability to communicate effectively to the jury are equally important.
  • 12
    You are called to a scene of an apartment fire with multiple victims. Which of the following
    specialized personnel would be helpful in identifying the victims?
    Emergency room physician.
    Forensic nurse.
    Cadaver dog handler.
    Forensic dentist.
  • 13
    You are the lead investigator in a homicide case where the suspect claims that he shot the
    victim in self-defense as he was coming at him with a knife. You have several bullet holes at
    the scene and want to determine the distance between the shooter and the victim by examining
    the bullet trajectories. Which of the following persons would be the most helpful?
    ID officer
    Forensic audio specialist.
    Coroner's investigator.
    Firearms examiner
  • 14
    Which of the following is an important detail to include in your notes when investigating a
    burglary scene?
    The description of the scene and the surrounding location.
    All of the above.
    The name of the victim.
    Lighting conditions.
  • 15
    You are tasked with searching for footwear prints on the floor at the scene of a breaking and
    entering. Once located, how would you collect these shoeprints?
    Make a detailed and scaled drawing of the pattern.
    None of the above.
    Use oblique lighting.
    Use an electrostatic dust lifter.
  • 16
    You are processing a vehicle that had been stolen from a homicide victim’s home. Which of
    the following would be the most appropriate course of action?
    Use specialized chemicals to search for fingerprints and then collect trace evidence after the chemicals dry.
    Collect trace evidence from the interior first and then process for fingerprints.
    Fingerprint the interior and then vacuum for trace evidence.
    Fingerprint the interior and then the exterior and then collect any hairs or fibers.
  • 17
    This type of sketch is the most appropriate for depicting only the horizontal plane of the crime
    Floor plan.
  • 18
    Which of the following chemicals would be the most appropriate when attempting to locate
    fingerprints on the sticky side of tape?
    Gentian violet
  • 19
    Which of the following choices is an alternative to taking inked fingerprints from suspects?
  • 20
    Which of the following items would be classified as trace evidence?
    Safe insulation.
    Glass shards.
    All of the above.
  • 21
    When dealing with a homicide victim’s clothing, which of the following procedures is the best
    way to capture any trace evidence?
    Let the medical examiner collect the clothing at the autopsy.
    Examine the clothing for trace evidence prior to transporting the body for an autopsy and collect any items that you find.
    Remove the clothes at the scene and package together to minimize cross-contamination.
    Allow the clothes to fully dry on the body before transporting to the autopsy.
  • 22
    Which of the following techniques would be the best method for collecting fibers found on the
    floor at the point of entry at a homicide scene?
    All are acceptable.
    Tape lifts.
    Using forceps.
  • 23
    There are two general categories of bloodstains: __________________ and transfer stains.
  • 24
    Which of the following is a presumptive chemical used for screening blood at a crime scene?
    Leucomalachite green
    Acid Phosphatase
  • 25
    Which of the following is the correct pairing of bases within the double helix?
    A-T, G-C
    A-C, G-T
    C-A, T-G
    A-A, G-T
  • 26
    You have been assigned a case where human skeletal remains have been found at a city dump. Which of the following DNA techniques would you use to identify the victim?
  • 27
    Which of the following could be an individual characteristic that might be found on a footwear
    impression at a crime scene?
    Marks of nails and pegs
    Brand of the footwear
  • 28
    How many pounds of dental stone would be needed for a typical footwear impression?
  • 29
    Which of the following procedures must be done when casting a tire impression is snow?
    Mix the dental stone quickly so it does not freeze
    Spray the impression first with Snow Print Wax
    Use an electrostatic lifter prior to pouring in the mixture
    Use a baffle to pour in the mixture
  • 30
    You are called to the scene of a burglary and notice a footwear print in cooking oil on top of
    the kitchen cabinet near a broken window. Which of the following techniques would be the best
    way to collect this print?
    Rubber lifter
    Photographing the print at an oblique angle
    Sulfur casting
    Dental stone casting
  • 31
    Which of the following are the two groups of firearms?
    Single shot and multiple shot.
    Long arms and handguns.
    Rifles and shotguns.
    Revolvers and semi-automatic.
  • 32
    __________________________s/are found in gun barrels and imparts a twisting motion on the bullet as it leaves the barrel.
  • 33
    Typically, how long will GSR remain on the shooter’s hands?
    24 hours.
    3 hours.
    6 hours.
    1 hour.
  • 34
    Which of the following can be used to determine the approximate position of the shooter?
    Cartridge cases.
    All of the above.
  • 35
    In a contact shot to a victim there is often blood found within the barrel of the handgun. This
    is called:
    Low velocity spatter.
    Spatter pressure.
    Forward spatter.
  • 36
    Which of the following marks found on cartridge cases can be used to identify the make of
    the firearm?
  • 37
    Arson is defined as the _____________ and malicious burning of another’s property or the
    burning of one’s own property for some illegal purpose.
  • 38
    Of the following items, which can be used as an igniter to start a fire?
    Sodium and water.
    All of the above.
    Black Powder.
  • 39
    This type of explosive is designed to be detonated by shock and have high detonation
    Black Powder.
  • 40
    Which of the following items can be used to ignite heat-sensitive explosives such as black
  • 41
    During a post blast investigation, which of the following is a main concern for the crime
    scene investigator?
    Dealing with the media.
    Bringing the guilty party to justice.
    Collecting probative evidence.
    Safety of crime scene personnel.
  • 42
    Psychoactive drugs are defined as substances that affect the user’s ______________
    process and change his or her mood, thinking, perception, and behavior.
    Central Nervous System.
  • 43
    Which of the following would be an example of a central nervous system depressant?
  • 44
    Which of the following are the three classes of designer drugs?
    Ecstasy, Adam, Fentanyl analogs.
    MDMA, Adam, XTC.
    Fentanyl analogs, meperidine analogs, MDMA.
    Meperidine analogs, XTC, PCP.
  • 45
    Which of the following can be a problem area when investigating a child molestation case?
    The collection of probative evidence.
    Obtaining consent from the parents.
    Obtaining a search warrant.
    The child’s ability to testify in court.
  • 46
    Which of the following is an example of a crime classified as public lewdness?
    Masturbating in public.
    Elder abuse.
    Sexual imposition.
  • 47
    Which of the following individuals have extensive training in medicine and death investigation
    and respond to death scenes to assist the medical examiner in determining the cause and
    manner of death?
    Forensic Examiners.
    Forensic Anthropologist.
    Medicolegal Investigator.
  • 48
    This type of bloodstain is created when the victim expels blood through the mouth or nose:
  • 49
    Which of the following pieces of equipment would help you to find the location of buried
    Side scan sonar.
    Ground Penetrating Radar.
    Forensic Light Source.
    Alternate Light Source.
  • 50
    Which of the following are usually the first insects to attack a dead body?

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