Does he secretly have a crush on you?

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Find out if he hides the fact that he has a huge crush on you!

  • 1
    Did you see him looking at you secretly?
  • 2
    Does he pick on you a lot?
  • 3
    Does he flirt with other girls right in front of you?
  • 4
    Is he doing weird things to you sometimes?( like ask you weird questions, examine your face)
  • 5
    Does he act weird around your friends?
  • 6
    Is he trying to get your attention?
  • 7
    Are his friends laughing when they saw you?
  • 8
    Did little kids talk to you about him?( especially his younger siblings)
  • 9
    Do his parents look at you longer than any other girls?
  • 10
    Does he touches you often?

Comments (22)


value (07981)
49 days ago
20% but this was true that i am not paying much attention on him,
A potatoe 😋 (85066)
58 days ago
I've always been on and off with this guy, in terms of crushing.But now I don't crush on anyone else,except for him.See the thing is his friends straight up asked me if I liked him right in front of him.While this was happening he looked awkward and embarrassed.I figured he was just awkward about the whole situation but everyone I'm talking to someone near him he always has to interrupt. Is it just me? Or is he secretly trying to get close to me.Like he never did that before.Does he like me or am I just fooling with myself. 😨😨
Nina L (39457)
63 days ago
i took a different test and it said the guys i like have a crush on me and then i take this test and its says the guys i like only like my 40%
Liyah (45641)
93 days ago
I like this boy name jay but he is in two of my classes but I like he but I don't know if he likes me also I'm kind of shy around him so I just wish he would like me back.
Chocolate (44180)
126 days ago
I have a crush on this dude PS I'm in 5th grade and he was in my class last year and I had a crush on him and I still like him and since he's in another class sadly and there are windows so I just secretly look at him through the hallway and sometimes he looks at me back and last year a friend of mine said he likes me! But umm I dont know if I believe her I kinda do and I kinda dont and I just can't help to look at him I can't help it an when he's entering his class guess what STILL looking at him ITS JUST SO HARD NOT TO and I got a 40% I think its wrong because a few times I caught him looking at me when I was looking at him but I just looked away fast
Candy (44562)
150 days ago
I have a crush on this guy and i stare at him a lot even if if i try not to, sometimes i find that he is staring at me. I really want to say something but im too shy and when he catches my eye he looks away. He talks to ever girl but me i think.... When i talk to him he just mutters stuff. His names Zak and i have had a crush on him for 2 years...
tina (43066)
154 days ago
a frd asked me out but i turn down d proposal and now his angry with me am i wrong
Lollipop (06609)
298 days ago
I don't have a crush this guy, but noticed he looks at me, and whenever he's around me his friends laugh. So unless took this quiz and apparently this confused boy has a crush on this thing.
kaya25 (17099)
338 days ago
i have a badly crush on a guy ..i frankly stare him ..always think about all the time we talk online nut not that much so that if i get to know about his feelings for me sometime its look like he's interested in me but again sometimes i proved to be wrong that i think so..i really get to know him much more than wat i know about him...
Oreo (83250)
341 days ago
I have a crush on this guy and I try not to look or stare at him but I can't help it. Sometimes I find him looking at me and sometimes he finds me looking at me. It's kinda funny because we're both too shy to say anything to each other. It also makes me kinda sad.
😇 (84671)
355 days ago
Tian jio song its 📌 but no he doesnt. Does he stare at . does he brush against you. Is he shy around you. Does his voice change around you. Are madly in love. If yes he is crushing on you. If no then h doesnt even have feelings for you. Remember there are plenty of fish in the sea. :(
Tian-Jiao Song (26083)
381 days ago
So,It's like this...I told a guy that I had a crush on named Alan to go to a secret meeting and he was taking a long time to get there he was eating so slowly that it seemed like 20 hours and we were at Yesler summer camp at that time then we walked all the way to the library.In there he said he was thirsty and it took like 20 min and finally were at the secret meeting and I asked him whether he likes me and kept saying I don't know then he said 'Yes,Yes!' I think he was trying to escape but I can't be sure.My friend, Lingjuan was there,watching.Then I asked him again and then he kept saying I don't know.I had a suspicion that he likes Linjuan because 2 weeks ago I saw him throwing a Pokemon toy at Lingjuan's head and she said 'Ow!' I had another prof, 4 days later, he was almost walking side by side with her.I asked him again and Lingjuan said 'He doesn't like u' And Alan said 'Uhhhh...It's just hard to say no...' That was when I suspect them. I don't know whether he likes me. Or does he? I'm not so sure.
tabib (87583)
406 days ago
i crush on one girl.i feel shy when she comes front of my eyes
410 days ago
410 days ago
I know he really has a crush on me but i dont want any issue between me and my best friend
410 days ago
i thinks he really has a crush on me but he's my bestfriends boyfriend and i dont want to have any issue with my bestee
470 days ago
Mrunmayee Ovhal (96364)
493 days ago
Well I just was in my class and all went he proposed me I said him I don't wanna get in that subject ... But quiz was right
Mee (18791)
556 days ago
You're grammar is killing it.. Use spell check..
Dintle (32238)
612 days ago
Love this quiz can I have more quize please