Harry Potter House quiz

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Ever wondered which house the sorting hat would sort you in? Find out with this short but fun quiz!

  • 1
    During the night, a stranger appears in your bedroom. He quietly tells you, "Come with me. You're a wizard."
    Look at him and sneer, "Get out, or you'll meet my fist!"
    Look for any signs that might suggest he's lying. You read a book about that...
    Look at him thoughtfully, then say, "prove it."
    Follow him without any second thought.
  • 2
    If you could have one magic creature, it would be a...
    If you could have one magic creature, it would be a...
    Er... Does a Firebolt count?
    Basilic! No one would mess with me!
    Hippogriff! They're soooo cool!
    Grindylow! Grindylows all the way!
    A Phoenix! They're tears can cure anything, I read all about it!
  • 3
    What are you guilty of being?
  • 4
    Which class is your favorite?
    Defence against the dark arts
    History of magic
  • 5
    Your TriWizard tournament event...
    Saving a friend from drowning in the lake!
    Event? I'd want to see Voldemort after the tournament, he is the most powerful wizard ever!
    Stealing a golden egg from a dragon!
    Making my way through an enchanted Labyrinth, I'm a wiz at quick thinking!
  • 6
    Your ideal meal would be:
    A messy and loud meal with your friends.
    Cracking jokes at other students expense in front of EVERY one in the great hall.
    A quiet meal with your nose in a book.
    Lunch and tea at your friend Hagrid's, full of lots of laughs with your closest friends.
  • 7
    What kind of music do you like?
    Rock and Roll! Nothin' like a little ACDC to get me pumped up!
    Pop, I like to follow the motto.
    Classic, there are many stories to be told in older music.
    I don't like music. Or people.
  • 8
    If you could use a simile to describe yourself, it would be...
    Wise as an owl.
    Brave as a knight in shining armor!
    I don't know what a simile is, but I know I'm better than you!
    Loyal as a dog!
  • 9
    Favorite flavour of Bertie Bott's every flavour beans:
    I hate those! Urgh!
    The more odd flavours, like soap, and grass, and the occasional eyeball.
    Oh, I prefer the original ones, like cherry, or maybe blueberry.
    Vomit! I love the thrill of having them, and then daring my friends to!
  • 10
    O.k, last question: If you could have one magical item, it would be:
    Philosopher's stone!
    The tea cup of Helena Hufflepuff!
    Elder wand!
    Invisibility cloak! Or maybe the Maurauder's map...

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