Which character are you from 'The Supernatural Series'?

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From Jessica to Grim, there are so many characters in the world of the supernaturals. Which one are you most like?

  • 1
    What is your worse fear?
    Being Forgotten
    Losing him/her
    Being hurt by others
    Hurting someone with my powers
  • 2
    If you could live anywhere in the supernatural world, where would it be?
    In the center of a dark, mystical forest
    On a beach with my lover
    Completely alone, in the middle of nowhere
    Somewhere in the clouds
    In my family's home, surrounded by loved ones
  • 3
    If you choose your death in the supernatural world, which would it be?
    Only by natures hand
    Painful so I'd know when it has ended
    I'd be a 'Pure Vampire' - I wouldn't be able to die!
    Protecting my homeland
    Peacefully, whilst sleeping
  • 4
    How would you react if you discovered you were a supernatural?
    New powers? Awesome!
    Oh great, even more to deal with now
    At least they can't hurt me now
    I don't know...
  • 5
    What's your favorite part of life from the options below?
    Glory and thrills
    Being with family
  • 6
    Favorite place to hang out?
    In the forests and woodland of the land
    Where everyone can see me
    In the country, looking over the cliffs and seas of our land
    By the corner shop, with my two best friends
    Beaches and the sea
  • 7
    Favorite genre of book?
  • 8
    Which supernatural subject would you enjoy most?
    Charm magic
    Supernatural history
    Protection magic
  • 9
    Where do you stand on 'The Great War'?
    I was kind of dragged into it...but with the Defenders I'd guess
    This war is pointless! People just die in them!
    The Turrent. Those supernaturals have hurt my family for too long...
    In the center, I'm trying to make peace here!
    With my lord and master, until the end
  • 10
    You are part of a music video on YouTube with some friends. Which role to you play?
    Hair and/or makeup
    The sidekick
    Recording audio and design
    The one in front of the camera!
    Filming and photography
  • 11
    Which weapon/power would you use in the supernatural world?
    My father's scythe
    My wolf form
    A big axe/sword: D
    Sword and shield
    Illusion and protection magic
  • 12
    Which of these people in the supernatural world would you look up to most?
    Connor (Leader of the Turrents)
    My loved one
    Just supernaturals in general
    My sister/brother
    The Princess of our people
  • 13
    If you could play one instrument, which one would it be?
    Violin (String)
    Drums (Percussion)
    Piano (Other)
    Trumpet (Brass)
    Flute (Woodwind)
  • 14
    Favorite meal of the day?
    Midnight snack ;)
    I love them all!
  • 15
    Steampunk, Goth, Medieval, Modern or Mythical?

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