How well do you know Derpy?

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  • 1
    Derpy's favorite food is the...
    Chocolate bar.
  • 2
    What kind of pony is Derpy? (this is an obvious one)
    Earth Pony
    She's not a pony at all
  • 3
    Which of these is a characteristic about Derpy?
    She has a brother that is a year older than her.
    She is a good singer with a beautiful voice.
    She is cross-eyed.
    Her actual name is Kelly.
  • 4
    Derpy is also called _____ __ sometimes.
    Rainbow Rain
    Ditzy Doo
    Twirly Tornado
    Cranky Doodle
    Summer Sun
  • 5
    In which episode does Derpy first speak?
    A Friend In Deed
    The Last Roundup
    Rainbow Falls
    Feeling Pinkie Keen
    The Crystal Empire Part 1
  • 6
    With who does Derpy share her design with?
    Sunshower Raindrops
    Granny Smith
  • 7
    Derpy usually behaves in a _____ manner.
  • 8
    Where was Derpy first seen?
    Inside Rarity's shop.
    At Applejack's welcome back party.
    Shopping for sweets with Pinkie Pie.
    Jumping on clouds near the mayor's house.
    At the background in the first episode.
  • 9
    What does Rainbow Dash accidentally call Derpy?
    A dumbbrain named Dizzy Doo
    A lump of coal named Dizzy Twister
    A knucklehead named Ditzy Doo
    A mentally insane pegasus named Ditzy Does
    A featherbrain named Ditzy Doo
  • 10
    What are two things that Derpy has been seen doing in the background?
    Walking in the park and helping out with the storm.
    Dancing to ballet music and eating a microphone.
    Shoveling snow and singing 'Winter Wrap up'.
    Smiling and jumping up and down with Rarity.
    At a charity action, eating paper and raising her hand.
  • 11
    What did Derpy do that made Twilight Sparkle get hurt?
    Cut her hoof.
    Burned her hair off.
    Threw her off a cliff.
    Squeezed her to near death.
    Dropped lots of things on her.
  • 12
    Where does Derpy appear in Lesson Zero's opening sequence?
    Inside Fluttershy's cottage.
    In the hot-air balloon with Spike and Twi.
    The train window.
    Walking past Twilight Sparkle and Spike.
    Bucking apples with Applejack.
  • 13
    Who did Derpy hoof-wrestle once?
    King Sombra
    Princess Celestia
    The Mayor of Ponyville
    Another background pony
  • 14
    What is Derpy dressed for in Halloween?
    A pirate costume.
    A ladybug costume.
    Nothing, she doesn't appear in that episode!
    A bunch of paper bags.
  • 15
    Derpy cheers Rainbow Dash on while Rainbow Dash...
    Saves a baby kitten.
    She actually boos for Rainbow Dash.
    Saves old ponies.
    Eats a giant hot dog.
    Saves Derpy.
  • 16
    Does Derpy appear at Princess Cadence's wedding?
    Yes, while eating a piece of pie.
    No, except for in the theme song.
    Yes, as a flower girl.
    Yes, in the background.
    No, she doesn't appear at all.
  • 17
    What does Derpy look like in Equestria Girls?
    A blonde with a gray skirt and a yellow top.
    A red-head with freckles, a green skirt and an orange top.
    A blonde with a green skirt and a blue top.
    She didn't appear, there is no telling what she looked like.
    A blonde with blue gloves, a yellow shirt and a pink skirt.
  • 18
    In which episode does Derpy appear as a filly?
    Friendship is Magic Part 2
    Feeling Pinkie Keen
    Look Before you Sleep
    Call of the Cutie
    The Cutie Pox
  • 19
    What is Derpy helping Rainbow Dash with in The Last Roundup?
    Hang a banner.
    Give a speech.
    Sing a song for Applejack.
    Rebuild a house.
    Make a necklace.
  • 20
    Do you think you will really do this quiz correctly?
    Do you think you will really do this quiz correctly?
    No, I know I failed it.
    The is a 50% possibility.
    I think I am so awesome at this, I ACED it.
    Can't say anything...

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