Does she like me? (Ages 10-15)

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This quiz is great for tweens and teens.
Do not get too upset if your answer is not what you want it is not ALWAYS correct.
Made by a girl😸

  • 1
    Do you guys talk a lot?
    We say hi when we sit near each other.
    We talk a little bit at school.
    Yes! We talk all the time!
    She called me stupid because I ran into her.
    I've accidentally bumped into her one time.
  • 2
    Is she nice to you?
    She told not to talk to her ever again.
    She said she liked my hair (or other appearance).
    She said I was funny. ( or other character trait).
    Well she called me a loser ( or other insult).
  • 3
    Just be honest!
    On a scale of 1-5 (five being she loves you).
    How much do YOU think she likes you.
    This does not effect your score very much.
    2🙍 🙇
    1 🙇
  • 4
    How much do you like her?
    5 being you love her to death.
    Does not effect score very much.
  • 5
    Does she try to touch you?
    She punched me.
    Nope. Never.
    Yes! One time she hugged me!
    She touched my hand.
  • 6
    How well do you to know each other?
    About a year.
    Uhh......I forgot her name.
    For a few years.
    2-11 months.
    Since like forever.
  • 7
    Do your friends or her friends think you guys might like eachother?
    That's all they say!
    Her friends kind of think so.
    My friends kind of think so.
    They think we hate each other.
    Actually they don't really talk about it.
  • 8
    Have you EVER heard her mention you?
    She complemented me.
    She said I was stupid and stuff like that.
    Yes, but it don't know what it was about.
  • 9
    How popular are you?
    5 means you have to many friends to count.
    5! you're a social butterfly! 👥
    You talk to a lot of people and stuff.
    4 You have a good number of friends.
    You have a few friends
  • 10
    How do you know her? Barely effects your answer.
    This answer will give you 0 points.
    We go to the same pool. Or live in the same area.
    Our parents are friends.
    Sports.or other activities

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