Were you meant to be a boy or a girl?

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Have you ever thought that you weren't meant to be your current gender but a different one it may look like your a particular gender but what is your true gender at heart.Take this quiz to find out!

  • 1
    Where would you go on the weekends?
    The salon!
    To the mall!
    Stay at home playing games!
  • 2
    What food would you eat?
    Simple salad!
    Junk food like Pizza and fries with some drink.......
  • 3
    What colour is your fav colour?
  • 4
    What sport would you play?
    What is sport?
  • 5
    Your mum tells you to mop the floor what do you do?
    Do it right away!
    I might break a nail!
    I'm thinking.........
    Hide somewhere......
  • 6
    Now it is a sunny day what do you do?
    Stay in the house who needs the sun when I have tanning lotion
    Play outside for ages........
    Go out with mates
    I might get sunburnt........
  • 7
    What sweet do you like the most?
    Roc candy
    Sweets make you fat.....
  • 8
    What type of pet would you like?
    A French Poodle!
    A kitten......
  • 9
    What would you search on the internet?
    Sport gear......
    Make up supplies.....
  • 10
    What do you think of popular kids?
    I am popular I guess......
    I am one!
    I'm part of their gang but I'm not a popular kid......

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Daphne ( .9.88 )
Posted Yesterday
Im 11 and i got a dude, awesome, i knew it
DestielXXXforever ( 174.6 )
Posted 2 days ago
I got a guy. I always knew it....😎😎😎
Bradley Whitewing ( 80.36 )
Posted 4 days ago
I Always thought I was girl it showed me I wad
Ilovemangos ( 75.93 )
Posted 43 days ago
FYI I didn't say beep I said what the Frick lol
Ilovemangos☃ ( 75.93 )
Posted 43 days ago
[BEEP]rick It would have said that I was suppose to be a girl if they put down basketball or volleyball... But it's alright this quiz was pretty sweet. But still weird and interesting. 😝✌️
Your Name ( 52.26 )
Posted 48 days ago
It said I am a girl, but I am a boy, but I don't care, this is just for fun
gay ( 10.52 )
Posted 50 days ago
im a boy but it said im 100% girl
Dicks ( .47.2 )
Posted 63 days ago
i care about my nails by painting, skin lotionj and im a boy 90 percent a girl who cares
ThatBelgianChocolate ( 9.212 )
Posted 84 days ago
I'm a boy at 40 % apparently.

However I've got a [BEEP].


Deal with it. 😎
Alex.W ( 14.85 )
Posted 106 days ago
I got BOY correct awesome
James ( 6.239 )
Posted 111 days ago
I've been a boy for 2 years! (I transitioned) Also, this i[BEEP]tremely stereotyped.
Ariel ( 3.105 )
Posted 115 days ago
It's correct 60% boy 😜
me ( 9.211 )
Posted 120 days ago
im a boy and it says im 50%boy and 50%girl.im just the same as 12 other person and i think i have a mental problem
Unknown Penguin ( 01.68 )
Posted 123 days ago
I am a girl.Just a bit of a tomboy so this test says I'm 50%boy and obviously 50% girl what on earth can that mean?
iggy ( 23.53 )
Posted 123 days ago
100% boy even though I'm a girl
mekriff ( 0.203 )
Posted 127 days ago
This test is so stereotyped it's laudible.
Ezrie ( .5.41 )
Posted 128 days ago
95% total boy but I'm a girl
Really? ( 4.213 )
Posted 146 days ago
You really want to be a transgender because a stupid quiz? God made you who you are, if he wanted you to be the oppisite gender he would have made you that way!!!
Estevan ( 1.132 )
Posted 147 days ago
For 80 % you are: You’re meant to be a total girl!

But I'm a boy!!!
destiny guerrero ( 8.146 )
Posted 151 days ago
i was born a girl but i have a girl body but a boy mind but it said that im a boy but i am not transgender but i think i want be one