Which Doctor Who Companion are You?

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Clara? Rose? Martha? Amy? Donna? Take this Quiz to find out!:3

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    Let's keep it simple---Which companion would you LIKE to be?
    Donna Noble---Donna, human, no!
    Clara Oswald~ I'm impossible!
    Martha Jones! Why does not a lot of people like her...?
    Amelia Pond...Scottish. Yes.
    Rose Tyler! I'm the STAR! heehee.
  • 2
    What do you do in your free time?
    Be with my boyfriend/girlfriend ^-^ <3
    Call my friends up and tell them to come over to my place.
    Watch Doctor Who! Duh...!
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    What other fandoms are you in?
    I'm in so many, I can't even think!
    MLP: FiM. Imma Brony. .-.
    Any Anime show!
    There are other fandoms...? 0_0
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    Favorite Color?
  • 5
    Half way there!:3
    Favorite episode of Doctor Who?
    The Human Dalek 0o0
    Doomsday ;-;
    When we first meet Donna x3
    Age of Steel 2 partner thingy..!: D
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    Favorite Bad Guy/Bad Guys?
    The things that look like Rhinos. .-.
    *Shrugs* I dunno.
    The Master. bum-ba-da-dum...bum-ba-da-dum...
    Cybermen! DELETE. DELETE.
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    3 words that describe you?
    Nerdy, weird, crazy.
    Shy, calm, quiet.
    Funny, happy, friendly.
    Outgoing, kind, emotional.
    Fun, strange, cool.
  • 8
    What would you do if The Doctor himself grabbed you by the arm while you were walking and said:
    "Keep walking. Don't ask why, who, or what. But the world is in danger, and I need your help."
    I'd just blabber.....saying things like "Oh my goodness it's really you!" and "What is it this time? Daleks? Cybermen? a different alien?"
    Fangirl. *sqeeeee*
    Scream my head of saying "WHO---WHAT THE F----WHY DID YOU---"
    I would stay quiet and keep walking, wondering WTF IS GOING ON.
  • 9
    Describe your daily afternoon.
    Watch Doctor Who....Forrreeevvvverrrrr.....
    Eat brunch, go to work, go home, sleep...Repeat.
    Go shopping, go home, eat, watch TV.
    Play video-games and chat with friends on the phone!
    Do something totally crazy, then get a weird nickname after what I did! XD
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    Last Question!
    Before you see which companion you are, which one would you THINK you'd be? Be honest! Don't answer the same way you did on the 1st Question!
    Martha Jones. I dunno why...Just---Martha Jones.
    Clara Oswald. Smart and funny.
    Donna Noble. Hilariously sassy!
    Rose Tyler...No seriously! Her and I have the same outgoing personality!
    Amy Pond! Amazing personality! She is so cool and kind!

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Shawny ( 43.37 )
Posted 101 days ago
Ugh I despise Martha thanks