Does she like you?

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Find out how much a girl likes you. (Guys only) I will be truthful- expect accurate results!

  • 1
    Does she laugh at you?
    Yes, but only if I'm laughing too.
    She never laughs at me, even when I'm trying to be funny.
    Yes, and it's when I'm embarrassed.
    She never laughs at me when I'm embarrassed.
  • 2
    Has she...
    Touched you affectionately?
    Kissed you (anywhere)?
    Never touched me on purpose.
    Hugged you?
    Touched you with mean intentions?
  • 3
    Does she know you?
    Yes, we're friends.
    Yes, but she seems not to like me.
    I don't know...
  • 4
    How long have you known her?
    Ever since we were little.
    Just met. (A couple weeks ago or less)
    A few years.
    Several months.
    They don't know you.
  • 5
    Are you friends?
    No, she's mean to me!
    I'm not sure... she's friendly with me, at least.
    Yes, we're great friends!
    The girl doesn't know me! (I shouldn't bother with the quiz)
  • 6
    Do her friends know you/like you?
    I don't know her friends!
    Ya, her friends all have crushes on me.
    Yes, I'm friends with her friends.
    No. (They either don't know you or don't like you)
  • 7
    Has anyone told you she likes you?
    Ya, she told me herself.
    No one has ever told me or hinted that she likes me.
    My friend says they're pretty sure she likes me.
    Yes, one of her good friends told me.
    Many kids at school talk about how she likes me.
  • 8
    Do I, honestly, think she likes me?
    I don't know! That's why I'm taking the quiz!
    She doesn't know me.
    She totally likes me.
    I don't think she likes me, but there is a chance...
    She likes me in a friend way.
  • 9
    Does she smile more when she's around you or mess with her hair, clothes, face, etc.?
    She acts irritated by me and frowns when she sees me.
    Ya, it seems she can never stop smiling around me and doesn't meet my gaze.
    She doesn't know me/ I don't know.
    She acts the same around me as with almost everybody else.
    She keeps messing with her clothes and hair.
  • 10
    If I hugged her, she would most likely...
    Sort of push me away and leave.
    Shriek, shove me away, and run.
    Stand there (smile or give me weird looks, either one).
    Hug me back.
    She might kind of get out of the hug, but she wouldn't be at all upset.

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