Which Rome: Total War faction should you play v2!

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10 Questions - Developed by: MrPm/Am - Developed on: - 8.106 taken

Other quiz made by 'Hercules's son' was a little *noobish* so I decided to make another one.

  • 1
    You were going to enemy capital, but then you got ambushed. What will you do?
    Depends on their army power.
    I will try to do my best.
    I think I will retreat...
    Crush them!
  • 2
    Your general died during fight with ambushers. What will you do?
    No general? OH NO!
    My general is still alive! He cannot die!
    I don't think I can win without general, but I can try!
    Who cares about general? My army can kill anything that moves!
  • 3
    Your army is made of...
    (Infantry means swordsman, spearmen and other foot soldiers)
    Infantry, some ranged units. No cavalry.
    Infantry! Who cares about other unit types?
    Cavalry! My cavalry is powerful enough to crush anything!
    Mostly infantry, with a few ranged units and cavalry.
  • 4
    Neutral colors.
    Bright colors but not very bright.
    Dark colors.
    I don't care.
  • 5
    Roman units are...
    Strong. I would stay away from romans!
    Fairly strong. But I can destroy them!
    Most strongest around!
  • 6
    Which formation do you prefer to use?
    Hmm.. I don't know. Wedge formation? or Testudo?
    What formation?
    Phalanx formation.
  • 7
    On the scale of 1 to 5, how much do you like spear units? (Triarii and Eastern Infantry counts)
    2.. or 3.
    I don't know.
    Meh.. 1?
  • 8
    You have just captured a town with huge population. You killed most of them but they are still not happy. What to do?
    I can take care of them easily.
    I will let them rebel, then re-capture that town.
    Build sewers, baths and temples quickly!
    Let them rebel if they dare!
  • 9
    Your faction leader just died. The new leader has no knowledge about how to command an army. What will you do?
    No idea...
    Train him as a legendary commander!
    I will let other family members to command instead...
    Get him killed! We need a leader that can fight in all battles!
  • 10
    You're losing about 5000 denarii every turn. What to do?
    Build farms, markets, roads. Conquer other cities if still losing money.
    I don't know... Maybe I will suicide.
    What? I control the most wealthy area in the world!

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