Uchiha Itachi - Quiz

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Do you actually know the truth about Uchiha Itachi?

  • 1
    What did Itachi do?
    Steal Danzo's right eye
    Kill Sasuke
    Commit suicide
    Slaughter his whole clan
  • 2
    Why did he do that?
    To protect Konoha and his brother
    Because he wanted to test how strong he was
    Because he was a criminal and afraid of being caught
    Because he wanted the Mangekyo Sharingan
  • 3
    Who was Shisui Uchiha and what did he do?
    He was the person who told Sasuke the truth about Itachi.
    He was the man who slaughtered the whole Uchiha clan.
    He was Itachi's bestfriend who gave him his eyes and committed suicide.
    He was Itachi's rival who made him commit suicide.
  • 4
    Who killed Itachi?
    Uchiha Obito
  • 5
    Which Jutsu's were Itachi's best?
    Ameterasu, Fireball Jutsu, Kotoamatsukami,
    Susanoo, Ameterasu, Izanami
    Bunshin no Jutsu, Chidori, Susanoo
  • 6
    How old was Itachi when he joined the ANBU and how old when he graduated the academy?
    7 & 13
    11 and 7
    7 and 11
    8 and 12
  • 7
    Who ordered him on his mission of killing his own clan?
    The Great Elders of Konohagure
  • 8
    Who did he meet on the night of the Uchiha Massacre?
    Uchiha Shisui
    Uchiha Sasuke
    Uchiha Obito
    Hatake Kakashi
  • 9
    Who were the last people Itachi killed that night?
    Uchiha Sasuke and Danzo
    Danzo and Obito
    His parents
  • 10
    Who did Itachi love the most above all?
    Kakashi Hatake - he was gay.
    His parents.
    Uchiha Shisui.
    His beloved brother Sasuke.

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