What fictional character is most like you? (Girls)

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    How do you describe your personality?
    Loving, but a bit selfish
    Smart and cocky
    Sarcastic, a bit hostile, but loving and compassionate
    Caring but reluctant: always looking out for others
    Loving, motherly, but sarcastic and rebellious
  • 2
    How do others perceive you?
    Um.. The girl who's obsessed with a guy who already has a girlfriend
    Cold, emotionless, tough, rebellious, but loving at the same time
    The weird ugly nerdy girl
    Snobby and condescending *eye rolls*
    People don't really know me, I never come out of my room
  • 3
    Describe your friend situation
    I just have 2 or 3 close friends
    I don't have any friends, I never come out of my room
    My only friend is the guy I love who doesn't love me back
    I only really have one close friend, I'm an outcast. I do get along with adults who have the same intelligent views as me though
    I have my family, a close friend I grew up with and a guy who loves me
  • 4
    What is your relationship like?
    The guy I love is with someone else:(
    I have a boyfriend... But it's fake I like someone else
    It's complicated... He was dating my best friend while I secretly liked him. He came back for me and now we're together
    I don't have a significant other
    I have close friends that I have dated, but I have had multiple different boyfriends
  • 5
    What are your focuses in life?
    Not hurting anyone... Physically
    School, being smart, learning and my friends
    Being with the guy I love
    School, learning, taking care of family members and making them proud one day
    Taking care of my family and few close friends, surviving, and keeping us all alive
  • 6
    What do you wear typically?
    Normal clothes and neutral colors
    Um.. I tend to wear black a lot
    Dresses (sparkles are pretty)
    Blazers and school uniforms
    Whatever is comfortable to survive in
  • 7
    How do you spend your Friday nights?
    In my room
    With my crush
    Studying, with friends, or exploring
    Outside or with my family
    At the library, I love to read
  • 8
    How are you around people?
    I never see people
    I'm quiet I try to go unnoticed
    I don't like crowds... People tend to think I'm weird, I'm pretty quiet but not scared to make a sarcastic remark or get in their face of they are rude to me
    I'm normal, but more friendly towards a certain man
    Confident! What's not to be confident about?
  • 9
    How seriously do you take school?
    Not very
    Very seriously, I love to read and I am an activist
    Very! How else am I going to get smart?
    School? Lol
    I don't go to school
  • 10
    Choose an object
    Something magic
    A weapon
    A book

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