Which of My OCs Are You?

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I have a lot of OCs, but for this quiz, you're one of 5:)

  • 1
    Who is more important, family or friends?
    Why put them against each other? They're both of equal value.
    Family is all that matters. I have to protect mine, no matter the cost.
    Well...my family never really liked me, so, friends?
    Friends, definitely. Keeping them is even more important.
    Family, or friends? I-I don't know. Um...F-Family?
  • 2
    If you could use any magic, what would it be?
    Well, there's teleportation, shapeshifting, telekinesis, immortality..
    Nature magic. It's rather calming.
    FIRE! I love to burn things.
    Magic...what if I don't like my magic? It's what made me go crazy...
    Water and ice, I guess.
  • 3
    Are you sane?
    Sometimes I don't think so.
    Yep, always have been.
    Yes, but some would think otherwise.
    No. No, I'm not, and they all make fun of me for it!
    I used to be, but I got the help I needed.
  • 4
    Hero or villain?
    I'm a hero, through and through.
    Hero, I guess. But I can easily be pushed to do evil.
    A hero, but I used to be bad.
    To my people, I'm a great hero. To others, I'm a monster.
    They all call me a monster! A Beast! But..I'm not bad..Am I?
  • 5
    Who do you love, romantically?
    Well, I kind of like my friend..but he's a boy, and everyone says that's bad.
    Gender doesn't really matter to me.
    I go both ways ;).
    I'm married. There you go.
    I don't really like anyone. Is that bad?
  • 6
    Body type?
    Kinda chubby, but it's fine.
    Thin, and I have muscles. There just not too visible.
    Thin, but muscular.
  • 7
    Favorite color(s)?
    Any earthy color is fine.
    Blue, and white.
    Teal, black, red..
    Blue, and red, and- and purple!
    Red all the way.
  • 8
    Raised Catholic.
    I'm Wiccan.
    I'm an atheist.
  • 9
    Which of these names would you want?
    Matthias Creek.
    Isaiah Grimes.
    Red McCarthy.
    David Ignatious.
    Dean Anderson.
  • 10
    How old are you?
    My 20s.
    I don't know...
  • 11
    If you could be any mythical creature, what would you be?
    I'm a Changeling, but you've never heard of us. So I'll say shapeshifter.
    A phoenix or a dragon.
    A nymph, I suppose.
    I'm a vampire, but I want to be human again....
    Being a werewolf sounds cool.
  • 12
    Where do you live?
    A small one-floorer.
    I live in an apartment building.
    A rather large castle, with my family.
    A cage...It's hard to sleep on the metal.
    A big house with two floors and an attic.
  • 13
    What song title, rather than song itself, speaks to you the most?
    Pain by Three Days Grace
    Don't Mess With Me by Temposhark
    Monster by Skillet
    On Top of the World by Imagine Dragons
    Only Time by Enya
  • 14
    Left- or right-handed?
    I'm right-handed.
    Left-handed, but I've been forced to use my right hand, because my parents say left-handedness is evil.
    I'm right-handed, but I've been teaching myself to write with my left as well.
  • 15
    What country would you want to live in?
    England, maybe. Somewhere that speaks English.
    Anywhere is fine, but I'd prefer somewhere European.
    Japan sounds neat.
    Somewhere in the southern hemisphere, because of the flipped seasons.
    My own.
  • 16
    If you could have anything to eat or drink or the rest of your life, what would it be?
    Salad/flavored water.
  • 17
    How would you describe yourself?
    Powerful, a leader, clever.
    Loud, outgoing, fun.
    Loud, crazy, different.
    Quiet, shy, dependent.
    Quiet, peaceful, resourceful.
  • 18
    Outfit of choice?
    Just a hoodie and some jeans.
    Anything is fine if it protects me from the weather.
    I wear jeans and a longsleeve.
    I usually wear something tight-fitting. It helps with the seduction.
    I wear graphic tees and shorts.
  • 19
    Favorite weather?
    Anytime the sun is visible.
    I prefer the snow.
    Rain or shine doesn't matter to me.
    Sunny, because it doesn't make me sick later on.
  • 20
    Favorite element?
    Spirit, naturally.
    Fire, it's more powerful.
    Water, dangerous and delicate at the same time.
    Air..so soft.
    Earth, it's stronger.
  • 21
    Swear a lot?
    Not around the kid(s).
    Sometimes when I'm angry...
    No, they remind me of my father too much.
    Like a sailor.
  • 22
    Thoughts on money?
    Never had a lot of it, so I earn it whenever I can.
    Have tons of it, and want more.
    Can't use it anyways.
    Depends on how much I have at the moment.
    Don't need it, really. I don't buy things often, unless it's around Yule.
  • 23
    Thoughts on sex?
    After I'm married, I'll have it.
    Had it once. Loved it.
    Umm...I don't want it.. not after everything I've been through.
    I had it a couple times, but never again.
    Honestly? I'm a man-whore if there ever was one.
  • 24
    What do you have a hunger for?
    Food, and wit.
  • 25
    What time period would you love to have been born in?
    Middle Ages.
    Renaissance period.
  • 26
    Favorite animal?
    Bird. I'm so jealous of them and their freedom, though.
    Fish, I guess.
    Any of them.
  • 27
    Sorry for all the questions having no particular order:<
    It's okay. I don't mind.
    It's fine.
    They weren't in an order?
    Could care less.

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