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10 Questions - Developed by: Tanaka Izumi - Developed on: - 8.399 taken

Anime edition!
I will describe your personality by an English Human's name, but I will add a cute anime girls in the results.

  • 1
    Once upon a time, you are walking inside a store while you find your crush.
    You run to him and you try to start a lovely conversation so you two can get together.
    Though, imagine you were too afraid to tell him you liked him.
    He says, "Hi.", and then it began to be quiet.
    So you reply, "Do you want to go to that shoe shop?"
    And he replies, "Um, sure."
    You walk slowly as you enter the shop, looking at the different categories of accessories. You move your bang to the side to look prettier, and you calmly walk next to your crush, with no panics or worries. You find a shoe you like. You quietly walk there in your sturdy, high heels.
    Looking depressed, you walk inside as you scratch your scruffy, emo hair. The shoes at this shop were nothing for you. You continue walking with your crush, revealing sad memories.
    "Look!" you say to your crush. "Those shoes are so cute!" you yell as loud as an elephant. "Can you buy them for me?" you ask. Your crush smiles and says "Sure." as you squeal from his reaction and the fact that you get those shoes!
  • 2
    You look at a shirt you adore.
    So then, you pick it up and see the price, and then you put it down saying "I can't afford that."
    And then you remember the money you got from your latest fashion show.
    "I can afford that!" you think in your mind.
    When you walk there quickly, you notice your worst enemy had already picked it up, and was walking to the cashier, as if she was planning to buy it.
    You tap her shoulder, saying "I had that first."
    The enemy replies "No you didn't, I never saw you."
    She swore if you didn't leave her alone she would punch you.
    So you walked away.
    Slowly walking away, you put an upset look on your face. "Aw man, my house is on fire!" your enemy cried. "I left the oven on!" as she ran to her home with the shirt. You were able to report for theft. You walk to the cashier and say "Someone I know ran away with a shirt." After that incident, you got the opportunity to buy the shirt while your enemy is in jail.
    As you took a seat on a couch, you see a man cutting himself. This scared your enemy away, so you got to buy the shirt.
    You sit on top of a table, crying. As your crush checks on you, he asks you what's wrong. You say "That girl wouldn't give me that cute shirt to me, and I had it first". After your crush heard that, he grabbed it right out of your weak enemy's hand and brought it to you. You were able to buy it.
  • 3
    As you and your crush walk out of the store, you get your final moment.
    You hug him for everything he did and you retreated from him. As you were walking for something else to do, he playfully bumps into you, and kisses you reluctantly. You sit on a couch, staying stable, because you got infected by the disease of nervousness!
    Pulling his chin near your face, you kiss him in public. "You put a rose in your chest pocket and he ends up being the nervous person at the end.
    Your sad face became stiff. You hugged him with no expression. Because you thought kissing was regular, you kissed him in the face.
  • 4
    You walk and stick by a pole to see the whole mall.
    It looked wonderful to you, but you didn't want to show it.
    And you just stood there, looking at clouds and greeting new people in the mall like a hostess.

    After quite a time by the pole, you get into your car at 6:02.
    When you stopped at a red light, you looked through the window to see anything new.

    Then you notice a whole variety of your favorite shops and restaurants, all in one place.
    Looking at Taco Bell, your mind instantly scheduled a plan. You drove through the Drive-Thru and had a good dinner.
    You pull over by the candy shop, with a big grin on your face. You imagine being in a pile of candy, waving your hands and legs back and forth like doing a snow angel in Winter.
    "I don't have to care about this." you say, driving to your house to have a regular dinner.
  • 5
    When you get home, you see your sister regularly playing IMVU on her computer.
    "Who are you chatting with?" you ask, as you look. "Who's 'bunnygalishkawaii209', and what does that even mean?"
    Your sister didn't noticed you were there.
    And then, you chose to ignore her.
    You see her friend saying "baii, g2g" to her.
    She replied "aw baii boo~:3" and left the chat.
    Rolling her chair over, she finally recognized that you were behind her.
    "It's my turn!" you yell.
    "No, it's not, you dummy!" she yelled back.
    She gives up her place on the computer while you get on and play.
    Noticing what you did, you calm down and chill. Your mom yells at your sister to let you have your turn and she goes to watch TV.
    You drag her out and go on the computer while she cries on the couch. You walk there by that instant to see what was wrong. "Why are you upset?" you ask. "Leave me alone!" she bursts out back to you. "Come on, please," you ask, looking worried. She gets up and pushes you away and locks herself inside her room.
  • 6
    You and your friend, madelinerihanna654, were chatting.
    madelinerihanna654: you watch soul eater?
    justinewilliams9: of course y?
    madelinerihanna654: its a nice anime if you watch it
    justinewilliams9: I do watch it XD
    justinewilliams9: do you play gta?
    madelinerihanna654: whats that
    justinewilliams9: a game where you break laws
    madelinerihanna654: I don't like that kind of stuff
    justinewilliams9: neither do i:)
    madelinerihanna654: yay ^_^
    justinewilliams9: g2g bye
    madelinerihanna654: you're not leaving, plz don't:(
    justinewilliams9: err...
    justinewilliams9 has left the chat.

    You were ready to go to bed.
    As you yawn, you get your pajama's on.
    The pajama's were full of hearts and kisses.
    You put on your pink, unicorn pajama's with blue earsmuffs.
    You had a black, skull suit and nothing else to support your sleep.
  • 7
    Getting everything done slowly, you take off all your make up and you use the toilet.
    You go to the kitchen to make some tasty coffee.
    As you mix, you see something deadly- a bug!
    Stepping on the bug, you feel no pity because it had gone into your house.
    Trying to calm down, you grab a tissue and run outside to set it free to it's environment.
    You scream and run to your room, getting a bug net. As you go back to catch the bug, it climbs at the edge of the net and climbs up on your arm. You scream and yell "Someone get it off me!" repeatedly. Later you forgot about it and fell asleep.
  • 8
    Your friend calls you for a sleepover.
    "Oh, that'll be great!" you reply, getting everything set up in the house.

    A few minutes later, someone knocked on the door.
    "My friend's here!" you say, as you open the door.

    It wasn't..
    your friend.
    It was a beggar asking for help.
    "Okay, then have this sandwich." you say.
    "No thank you," the 'fake' beggar said, as she walked away.
    You lock the door in case anybody like a burglar walks in.
    You sit on the couch patiently, waiting for a knock on the door.
    "Waiting.." you say, grunting back to the bed.
  • 9
    You finally hear a knock on the door! You open it, as you see your friend, all packed up.
    "Hi!" she says, putting down her bags.
    "Are you sleeping already?" she asked.
    "Nope, I was just waiting," you replied.
    "Let's play Tic Tac Toe!" she yelled, getting out her papers.
    "For sure!" you reply. You both had fun playing Twister, going online, and playing Tic Tac Toe. They even played Leap Frog.
    "Um, okay.." you say, in a very unkind way. You had a regular day and nothing was special. To you, anyway.
    "Okay." you calmly say, catching your breath. You both had the time together drawing and singing.
  • 10
    You two tucked in the bed tight.
    "Good night," she said.
    "Good night." you say as you clear your throat.
    "Good nightie!" you say, seeming very jumpy.
    You ignore her, as if you already fell asleep.

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